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Homemade Sloe Gin in 4 steps

Hello guys and welcome back,

Today I decide it to show you how to make homemade Sloe Gin. This is my second year I am using this method and have to say that all my friends and family love my Sloe gin. This 4 easy steps show you that you never have to buy Sloe gin again. Are you ready?? Lets do it...

1) First and most important are Sloes. Without Sloes you can not make a Sloe gin. I am having a secret place I pick mine as they are not polluted by car fumes or farming chemicals. What are Sloes?? They are wild plums, same family as ordinary plums but fruit is much smaller and taste is rather tart then sweet. This trees growing all over the UK and this time of the year is the best time to pick them. Fruit can vary in size and I would recommend that you pay attention while you walking your dog or just went for walk and I can guarantee that you will find them. I know that you can purchase Sloes at Doncaster market as I was told by my mother in law. This year was great for Sloes despite heat wave destroying parts of the UK. Sloes are usually ready for picking late September to early November. Before you pick them make sure that fruit is not stone hard. Berries must be slightly soft and fully ripen to give your Sloe Gin full flavour.

2) Step 2 is a bit time consuming as you need to make sure that you do not put any debris like leaves or berries that are not good in to your jar. I am using 1.5 L jars from Wilko. You need cut some of the berries open if you want just give your gin extra flavour. As you can see on picture it will take a time. I am usually doing 1/3 cut berries and 2/3 whole berries.

3) Then you need your Gin. I am using this Asda brand gin 1L for £15, demerara sugar from my cupboard but you can use just ordinary caster sugar and that's all you need. You don't have to use sugar at all but I like my Sloe gin slightly sweet and I drink it neat as liquor. If you don't put any sugar in it will be dry gin ready for mixing with tonic or lemonade. If you using sugar put less then required as you can taste your gin any time and add sugar at any stage.