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ICELAND Travel Guide

Hello guys and thank you for you patience,

We back in UK from very exiting trip to Iceland!!! I have to say that we manage to do quite few thinks and explore as much as possible in 4 days. Ok let me take you with me and reflect on our journey. Make sure you are having cup of tea or coffee because this blog will be probably a bit longer then usual.

WHAT TO PACK: I would strongly recommend that you do not underestimate Icelandic weather. What ever time of the year you go, there is few essentials you should consider - Hat, scarf, gloves and warm jacket. Weather in Iceland can change in minutes and even if weather looks nice and warm-ish temperature changes can be steep.

Walking Boots - absolutely essential don't think that trainers do the job - they don't.. If you go to see waterfalls you need walking boots just for your own safety..

Waterproof poncho - Yep one of that fancy plastic thinks. Trust me is nothing more uncomfortable then wet thru jacket, blasting wind and temperature around 4 Celsius.

Thermo-Coffee mug - We were sometimes traveling thru country side for hours with nowhere to stop and I wish that I had my Thermo-Mug and hot coffee.

Go-Pro - or any other action camera is great to have as these devices are waterproof and allowed you to take photos and videos in places that you mobile device wouldn't.

We booked our flights with Easy-jet and have to say that flight is just over 2 hours long from Manchester and there is no time difference between Iceland and UK. We payed for returned flight around £140 per person with 1 check in suitcase and pre-booked seats. Upon arrival to Keflavik International Airport procedure is the same as any other airport, we decided to check temperature outside - freezing and windy :) I think its good to mention that every international flight will land in Keflavik NOT Reykjavik but there is bus transport available that takes less then an hour from Airport to Reykjavik city centre. How ever said that I think that you shouldn't make Iceland capital as your base for travels.

RENT A CAR - This give you freedom, smoother journeys and safe you loads of money. We rent a car for £150 including full insurance for 5 days. Just mention here that if you planning exploring mountains this can be done only by 4x4 cars rest can be done in any other car. We collected car at the airport and drop off was at the airport too (full to full rule) just remember that in Iceland you drive on right hand side and give way on roundabouts from left...

We had our car, journey planner in our hands ready to explore our first stop - Blue lagoon.

Blue Lagoon - This place take your breath away. I would recommend book tickets in advance. We payed £75 for basic package including entry, free silica mask, free 1 drink of your choice and towel. You can stay as long as you wish and there is also restaurant or little coffee shop available. By car this place is about 30 minutes drive from airport and there is large carpark available free of charge. Some people may say that this place is tourist trap however this is the place must go if you first time visitor to Iceland. Once you get change its time to explore this volcanic spa. Large pools with seawater heated by mother nature is just heaven to relax. In some parts water temperature is hotter 40+ Celsius and some parts are cooler around 30 Celsius. In water bar and in water facemask dispensary make your visit more memorable.

I personally thought that this place will be packed with busses and hundreds of people but we arrived at 1pm and have to say it was pleasant, you can find quiet places to relax, steam bath, steam sauna and alpine sauna included. I have to say that Lava scrub and Algae facemask are amazing. There is shop selling this products for prime prices (starting from £30+ for 200ml scrub) If you fancy purchase any of these products I would recommend wait and buy them at the airport for cheaper tax free prices. Because water is heated from volcanic activity you may smell sulphate (eggy smell) but is harmless and you get use to it quickly. Including price you have got use of towel as well and if you own any action camera like Go-pro take it with you. After we relaxed and looked younger (using free face mask) we continue our journey to Icelandic capital city Reykjavik.

Reykjavik is rich in history and it this the place where you can spend hours. As any capital city its more expensive, flashing shops, beautiful coloured architecture and rather exiting restaurants. You need day or two to explore this city located on west coast of island. As I said before don't set this city as your base as there are cheaper and nicer places to stay. In case of dinning out you will need substantial amount of money (1 starter, 2 mains and 4 beers cost around £60) In case of drinking you have to look for licensed places like bars, coffee shops or restaurants to have a drink. You can not buy any alcohol in ordinary food shops. Eating out and drinking is very expensive in Iceland and if you do budget traveling like us get your supply from Manchester Duty free shops. It is much cheaper just because Iceland is not part of EU and 1 litre bottle of gin cost us £12.

Have a good explore. Reykjavik was our first overnight stay. We choose place very close to centre and this was nice cosy guest house. Remind you again that if you want to take a shower you will smell sulphate due to volcanic origin of the island but you just have to go over it. In this point I would like to mention that you do research regarding day light hours. In November sunrise was at 9.30am and sunset 16pm and trust me you need light to see all beauty of this place. Next morning we got up early and set off to explore Snaefellsnes peninsula.

This place is North from Reykjavik and there is plenty to explore. Driving car is magical