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Stress and how Aromatherapy can help.

Hello Guys,

After couple of months I am back. I took a break as I need it re-organised my life, concentrate on my business and also have some free time with my husband.

I went thru some stages that has been good and bad, but now I am back on track and will share few blogs with you. Pass couple of months I was trying find some sort of balance between work, business and private life. How ever I experienced building up stress, tiredness and hopeless thoughts that could be rather dangerous and clear the path for depression re-lapse. I am not going to discuss any of these situations here as you can get easily bored. What I want to share is how Aromatherapy help me to ease stress and put me back in to calm place.

What is stress?? What is happening to body?? What is cause of stress?? Is there good or bad stress?? You may ask these questions yourselves. Stress can be defined as any physical or emotional strain that affects persons ability to function. Stress related disorders can range from mild to very severe, and can manifest themselves as physical and mental imbalances. In these days mental disorders getting more and more acceptable as physical ones. Some people still see their inability to cope with stress as weakness, and may deny that their problems are in any way related to stress.

Many of us are not good at listening to our bodies and our emotions or a spotting the warning signs that stress is putting at risk of disease.

We all are having busy life, kids, work, relationships, house work etc. we subject to stress thru out the day, week, month and with tv, social media, and internet we just adding this necessary stress to our gender. Everyone can deal with stress differently some people need stress to get creative, hit targets etc. Some people enjoy this adrenalin rush going thru their wains. But every stress is having negative impact on body. Cortisol hormone is one of them. Often called silent killer causing hart attacks and strokes. Cortisol is responsible for our flight or fight response. When we get under pressure cortisol is released in to blood stream redirecting and regulating our physiological functions. Redirecting oxygen in to different parts of body, fast breathing, sweating etc. are sights that are connected to cortisol function. But question is how to deal with situation like this, how to reduce anxiety and stress??

I choose Aromatherapy. Widely recognised holistic practice that uses power of essential oils. Because molecules are that small they are able to penetrate our skin straight in to blood stream and trigger different wide range or physical resposnses. Essential oils can be also inhaled as quickets way to gain benefits. One important think is that you should always approached Aromatherapist and consult your GP regarding of use of essential oils especially if you taking any prescribed medication. I created blend for myself that calms me down, help me sleep and reducing sights of stress.

As carrier oil I am using cold pressed Almond oil. This is great natural fast absorbing moisturiser as well. Then I added Chamomile, Lavender and Pine Needle essential oil. Total strength of my blend is 3% safe to use directly on skin, as bath oil or as ingredient for bath bombs. Please don't make your own blends without any Aromatherapy course as using essential oils could be dangerous and require detailed knowledge of essential oils and how to blend them.

What are the properties of Chamomile, Lavender and Pine Needle essential oils??

Chamomile - Very soothing oil easing anxiety, tensions, anger and fear. Promotes relaxation, gives patience, peace and allays worries. Calms the mind and often helpful with insomnia. ( ref. The Directory of Essential Oils, p 37)