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Sweet success!!

Hello guys welcome back and thank you for your support.

Today I decide it to share my sweet success. When I say sweet I mean sweet. After all hard work I put in to my garden this year I am rewarded. I used my garden as help over come my illness as many of you all ready know. I spend hours preparing, planting and researching how to make a success. Sometimes before work and most of the time after work. Redirect my focus to present moment and enjoying to get dirty. I am proud to say that it is worth it. My website reach 200 views in just 2 months and I am happy to say that you interested in my journey. Last year it was bumpy road and I was lost in dark world. I am happy to say that now I am in much better place, happy and enjoying life how it comes in every single day. I would like to mention that I am offering Mindfulness sessions from September to help others and bring awareness about Mindfulness and how Mindfulness got positive impact on our lives. Subscribe to my blog not to miss following blogs. Right I think that its enough self promotion now :) and lets show you my sweet success.

Strawberries - as you remember from my previous blog my strawberries were in full bloom. I got 2 pots of them. One pot (picture above) is last year shoots I planted in to little pots and keep them safe over the winter, let them established and replace 3 years old plants. Older plants got tendency to produce smaller berries that's why I don't keep plants older then 2 years. Strawberries producing many shoots after fruiting finish and I have to say that nothing taste better then fresh strawberries.

This is first handful ready, organic, no chemicals used crop. Sometimes you wonder why you should spend time to grow your own fruit... if you can buy almost everything in your local supermarket. Reason is simple. Use you precious time to do something exiting something rewarding and something what taste much more better. Strawberries are easy to grow and need little bit of attention. If you grow them in the pot little bit of all purpose fertilizer and regular watering reward you with crop. Ok guys lets move to another pride.

Blackcurrant - My husband brought me this plant last year. It was purchased from Morrison for £0.99 as reduce to clear plant. I have to admit that when I got it, my thoughts were - ohh got its not going to survived. I get over my doubts and decide it transplanted in to bigger pot. plant was knackered and I was expecting not successful rescue. To my surprise plant recovered and I got only few berries last year. I would like to mention that Blackcurrant producing berries on last year grow. When you prune your Blackcurrant just remember not to cut off all new shoots otherwise you end up with little or no berries. But as you can see on picture above this year is great and can't wait for over load with anti-oxidants. Blackcurrant is good reducing negative radicals in your blood and boost your immune system with vitamin C. Blackcurrant got wide use in UK as fruit for pies, cordials and homemade wine. You can train your bush in to nice looking shrub fitting any corner of your garden. What's next??