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Surprising Take-Off

Hello guys and welcome back,

Yes its Monday new Blog day. First I would like to say thank you to all my subscribers and readers. My blog is doing well and it is just because of you. Today I would like to share surprising take off - of my Aromatherapy hobby business. When my friend introduced me to essentials oils I fell in love with them instantly. I started with myself and discover this amazing help with my oily skin, stress, creeping anxiety and back pain. I started course to be certified aromatherapist and be able to do treatments like massages, blends and many more. I am still thinking that this - world of smells how I call it, have so much to offer to everyone. Any physical or mental condition can be eased by essential oils. These oils are powerful substances usually extract by distillation from various parts of plant. Therefore they must be handle with caution and blended with extra care. I choose to do personalised service and understand my customers what they suffer from and what they expecting from aromatherapy oils. I created medical questionnaire to make sure that my customers are not allergic to any oils or carrier oils I am using and then, will do blend they desire.

I am putting hours of research in to each bottle I produce and selecting oils carefully. I was thinking that people may not be interested in Aromatherapy as we surrounded by synthetic medicines that cure almost everything. This is great, how ever many of this medicines are not that friendly to our bodies or internal organs as we think. And pharmaceutical giants are less then interested to share negative information about their products. I am not afraid to share negative information about my products just because your safety is paramount in my business. Excessive use some oils can cause vertigo, headache, sickness etc. but right use can bring amazing results like healthy firm skin, no wrinkles, pain relieve and many more. My blends are usually made in medium strength that is safe and can be adjusted. I created few blends and try it myself first and when they worked I started to offer people testers.

One day I was searching online to purchase bath salts as I like nice bath and can relax in them for substantial amount of time and just had an idea - make my own... Yep with full time job, blogging aromatherapy studying and blending why not add another product that can help people. And have to say that I never made so many bath salts in my life. I choose only 3 blends with dry botanicals and essential oils combined in Dead sea salt and Epsom salt. As I am very passionate and thinking that I am having a little bit of OCD (never been diagnosed) I like all my products to be perfect and to be enjoyed by other people. Orders were coming in and I started to think that my day should be 46 hours instead of 24 to do everything I need. How ever I am managing well and got satisfied customers with repeated orders. And then my husband came with idea of CHRISTMAS HAMPER... My first reaction was WHAT? REALLY?? And he took first order. I went to near supermarket get supplies and hope for the best...

And yes I manage again. Hamper with 3 different bath salts and 2 bath oils great way to give relaxation to anybody around you. I have to say that mine selection of products is small at the moment but after New Year I am planning to expand. This is something I like a lot ,make people happy and after my experience with anxiety and depression that is the way that keeps me focus, concentrated and exiting. My hobby business can bring me few extra pennies as I charge low prices for my products just because I think that everybody deserves treat. My prices cover only necessary costs of oils, jars, bottles etc. I don't charge people sky high prices why should I? Some people say you should but I started my business as help to others and definitely don't planning to get rich.