HELP!!! - DoTerra what is your opinion??

Hello guys and welcome back. Today I am seeking an advice from you all. I have been contacted by doTerra wellness advocates. As you know I am dealing with essential oils and making customised blends and it is important that I am using high quality natural products. I did research about doTerra business and have to say that my feelings were mixed. I started to do research on my own and find out that doTerra does research about their essential oils make sure that they are 100% natural free of fillers and chemical compounds like pesticides and fungicides. I feel that this is great and definitely benefit my clients how ever for premium research you pay premium prices and I feel that you pay more for labelling then actual essential oil. I know only one sort of competitor to doTerra and it is Young Living, oils for premium prices. Just to give you insides about prices:

Lavender oil: doTerra £24.75 (15ml) Young Living - £42 (15ml)

As you can see prices are rather high for 15ml bottles. I am using company called MOOD they source all of the oils from around the world but mainly from India. These oils are tested to make sure that they pure without any pesticides and fillers free. They Therapeutic grade rating too and 100% natural.

I think doTerra does good job about advertising and public awareness. You can be one of doTerra Wellness advocate and offer your services to other people and sign them up. Then you will receive some sort of benefits that they are not entirely clear to me. Or you can be end customer and just order your oils for personal use. If you decided go in to business doTerra business structure just remind me pyramid style business. You sign up and more people you sigh up more you grow within company or you can just take orders from your clients and order oils for them with 25% discount. I am not sure what to think about this and would like your opinion. I am having 3 oils to try - Lavender, Wild Orange and Peppermint. I will compare Lavender with Mood brand in one of my products, Peppermint as well and Wild Orange is all ready evaporating in to the air as I sit and write this blog.

Now I need your help. Did you hear about doTerra?? Are you part of doTerra community?? Do you have a business using doTerra products?? Did you try or using doTerra oils at the moment?? Let me know you feelings.

I know that company producing large range of products now available for kids as well. I feel that they starting to build empire and try to destroy other companies on the market. How ever Mood company does same research in their oils and making sure that all oils are pure using Certificate of Analysis MSDS Gas Chromatography. But do not charge premium.

My clients are happy with quality of oils and there fore I am torn to make a decision. Please help.

I would like to say in this blog that I am seeking help from you guys. Just need your opinion.

You can leave comment on the bottom of this blog or please share on social media with your comments. I am looking forward to hear from you soon and hope that I am going to make my mind up.

Thank you for reading Jerry xxx and see you soon here with my next Blog.