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Hello guys and Welcome back.

I am super exited about this Blog and so happy to introduce you to Simply Earth. Who are they? What they doing? What they offering??

I was looking online for company offering Essential Oils that are high quality, tested for affordable prices. As you know or may not know I am based in UK and on British market you can find only MLM company like doTerra offering oils for sky high prices. Here is one think to remember that price doesn't reflect quality.

Then I searched and searched and watched videos on YouTube and discover USA based company called Simply Earth.

Who are they?? They are company that started with one basic idea. Make you own home as natural as possible. Replace your dangerous cleaning chemicals, synthetic fragrance candles, shampoos that you don't understand half of the ingredients listed on label and replace them with natural compounds like essential oils.

Simply Earth visiting farmers harvesting plants for their essential oils make sure that extraction meet their guidelines and only the best oils are extracted. Then testing coming in to the place to ensure that all their oils are 100% natural, therapeutic grade without any traces of unwanted chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Every batch is carefully selected and full testing is available from Simply Earth website.

What they doing?? They are looking for farms producing plant material for essential oils all over the world and work closely with farmers, offering oils for affordable prices just because they ordering amount to full fill their orders only, they don't spend thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing, they are NOT MLM company and let users to spread the word. They are working closely with various charities and donate 13% from their profit to stop human trafficking. That means if you purchase from them you do something good for somebody else too.

What are they offering??

Wide selection of essential oils, recipe boxes on monthly subscription, great ideas for homemade cosmetics, blends, bath bombs etc. Free postage, free support for their clients and many more.

I subscribed for monthly essential oils recipe box and let me show you what is included.

1) Bonus Box - If you want subscribe click on this link -

You will receive your Bonus Box free that is worth around $50. You will receive Bonus Box every 6 month. What is inside?? You will get pot of Organic Coconut Oil, Bottle of Almond Oil, Bottle of fractured Coconut oil, Glass Jar, Roller bottles x 6, blend dripper bottles 5ml x 6, bag of bee wax. This Box will containing everything you need to create your blends and recipe from your subscription.

2) Then you will receive Your Essential Oil Recipe Box.. What is included?? You will get Stickers for your product, Recipe cards, any other items that are not included in your bonus box like bath bobs form, soap melt, citric acid etc. And also your 4 essential Oils. My first box is December box containing - Peppermint essential oil, Clove essential oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Breath easy essential Oil Blend. I am looking forward for my January box. You can have all these for only $39 (£32) per month delivered to your doors.

I would say that I do not hesitate spend this amount for all of this just because it is good quality and it is a good fun to make your own stuff. You can have a look at:

Just want to make single purchase?? No problem I got free coupon give you $20 for future purchases. Use it at check out - JERRYSGARDENFREE

I am so exited about this subscription because it will help me to expand my little business and I will learnt something new. Using top quality oils will benefit me and my clients. I think that this is great way to explore essential oils if you beginner and great fun if you using essential oils all ready. I used few different companies and so far Simply Earth is the best so far.

You can cancel your subscription any time, skip moths subscription or gifted as gift. I hope that will enjoy and discover power of this essential oils and experience support from this amazing company. I will do follow up blog show you some of the recipes you can make your own or you can order them from me if you not fuss to make your own.

Hope you Enjoyed this blog and if you got any questions please inbox me :)

Happy reading Jerry.