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Quick guide to COMPLAINING

Hello guys and welcome back, thank you for your support and visiting my website. Well today I decided to do a bit different blog. Why?? Well just because my carrier is based in hospitality. I spend in this industry a big chunk of my life and let me tell you that its not easy, hospitality require skills, hard work and patience.

Many people think that hospitality is job that everyone can do and let me tell you that in not true. Through out my carrier I experiences sweat, tears and happy times as in any other job. But hospitality as Industry has one of the highest rates for Complaining and its fine with me but as strong believer in this rewarding job I came a cross many people and as I getting older I manage to group types of customers based on:

1) First impression

2) Approachable Manner


4) Way of expression

We live in the world based on money, stress and feeling of satisfaction. Unfortunately that is the way we all judge each others. We all work hard for our money and support ourselves and families. But every so often we all go out and visit hospitality establishment. As hard working people we expect to receive something that we can label as great service and amazing food. And again that is understandable but let me tell you that life is not perfect and we all learnt from our mistakes. What is perfect service? What is amazing food? its your decision and judgment. But if we not happy we complaining.... and yes its right but there is different ways to do it... If I spend £10 or £100 complaining is right in some way. My 16 years experience in hospitality show me different groups of COMPLAINERS.

POLITE COMPLAINERS: I would say that this group of people is biggest and I think I am polite complainer. I am not happy - my way is to approach person serving me and starting conversation - I AM SORRY BUT.... Many people I came across raised there voice if unsatisfied politely. In these cases I listen carefully my brain works in reverse assessing situation. Then my action is swift and that extra step is usually water pour over the fire. Free drink?? Free dessert?? Apology?? Acknowledgement?? all works and vary on situations. I like this group of people because they are treating you as human being not like a servant.

RUDE COMPLAINERS - This group is large and very common. Screaming, shouting and acting that they own the world.. Invading personal space, treating people like they are door matt and don't matter. Offensive language often involved.. This people raise our Cortisol levels. Sometimes I am so close to start shouting back.. how ever professionalism always take over. This kind of people always receive cold, unipersonal service. My way is show them that they always receive service with smile but as last in queue. Sometimes assertive language has to be used and raised voice applied. How ever this people does not matter to me because I treat everybody the way I want to be treated myself. My advice is - pretend that you listen, agree with everything they say, don't show any agitation and just say - I will see what can I do... I don't have time for people like this in my life...