Hylotelephium telephium - Witch's Moneybags, Stone Crop.


While they’re popular as potted plants, stone crop is actually a fantastic addition to your landscape. Succulent plants hold water in their leaves, which makes them especially drought-tolerant. Minimal water and maximum sun are what these plants crave, and if you’re looking for late summer interest, stone crop has you covered. These plants bloom from late summer into early fall with dense clusters of tiny flowers. You can also grow them indoors in pots all year around.

LIGHT: Full sun or south facing window will do great in partially seltered area too.

SOIL: Well drained soil, Alkaline to neutral PH

SIZE: Height 0.5m up to 1m, spread: 0.5m - 1m fully growened and mature plant within 2-5 years

Propagation: Propagate by division in spring or by softwood cuttings of non-flowering shoots in early summer.

Pruning: Cut back after flowering to maintain shape or leave seed heads overwinter

Pests: Generally pest free

Diseases: May be subject to fungal and bacterial crown rot and root rots.

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