Relaxing hobby

Hello guys,

this is my first blog on my new website. I would like to share today why is gardening important part of my life.

Nature is fascinating and these days you can grow almost everything you can imagine. Me personally I prefer gardening in pots. Why?? Save you space and you can move your plants all over the garden and also my garden is small size. Growing fruit and plants in pots is also very rewarding and in these days you got dwarf trees specially design to grow in pots and produced large crops of food.

I am not professional gardener and keep learning from my own mistakes but I am always up for challenge. At he moment I am having a good collection fruit and flowering plants and I will share my tips and tricks.

At the moment you can find in my garden Blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries, juniper, apple dwarf tree, pear dwarf tree, plum dwarf tree, kiwi, tomatoes, peppers, pineapple, avocado, selection of herbs, rosemary, black currant, hollyhocks, fuchsias, and many more. I am always proud if I can show off in neat garden full of pollinators friendly plants and organic produce. Unfortunately in 2018 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety due to excessive work stress past couple of years. I found gardening as relaxing, mindfulness relaxation and focus driven hobby. I like my plants and look after them like living organism and believe that how you looking after them you can see return of your care in harvest. Days in the garden helped me to almost come over my depression and anxiety and realize that life is too short to be constantly stressed.

I am also big protector of bees, any kind of beneficial bees and focusing to plant flowers pollinators friendly in suburban surroundings.

I will post 1 blog each week focusing on different subjects will be happy answer any questions. I will show you how I care for my plants what tools I am using, where I am shopping, how I planting, and more.

Ok that's all for now and see you soon.