New Year Resolutions?? Why??

Hello Guys and Welcome back.

After week without blog post I bet that you are hungry for another one. Lets get on with it then.

As 2018 almost gone we are tempted set New Year Resolution for our selves. I think that is a good idea but...

I always say that - do not make promises that you can't executed. I sat down today, made myself cup of tea, relax and reflect on passed year. What I achieved, what I missed, what I did not achieve and what I want to achieve in 2019. I think that we all should sat down and pay special attention to this.

Goals we set for our selves are very important. We basically set challenge and feel confident that we will achieve it. And that is good. Sense of satisfaction and achievement is very important to us as human beings. We should not have only New Year Resolution set but we should set challenges for ourselves during the year too. Humans been always competitive creatures.

I would have a few recommendations for you.

1 - Look after your body and mind - If mental heath let us down our physical health deteriorate as well and vice versa. Learn basic Mindfulness exercises that help you start your day as fresh as daisy and significantly reduce amount of cortisol hormone in your blood stream due to everyday stress. Discover power of essential oils that can significantly help your body and mind. Do you remember when your grand mum told you drink Chamomile tea for sleep, eat ginger biscuits for bellyache?? Power of plants been long forgotten due to synthetic drugs and I think that its a bit shameful.

2 - Learn to say NO - Harder then it looks. Just think how many times you said yes but you don't really wanted to and feel that you will be judged if you say NO. One think is to remember that NO is also positive word. Don't put your body and mind under extra pressure, don't stress your self more then you need. Your life, your body. Have you got anything plan that make you happy and content but you been ask go to work for help? Well nothing wrong to say NO to your boss because you deserve relaxation, boost your mental health and will perform better fresh then stressed and tired. Try it.

3 - Find Hobby - Redirect your attention to something you like and love to do. Leave everyday concerns behind and enjoy power of mindfulness and soothing feeling of achievements. Hobby may look like something you will do it if you got a time however make it habit. It only takes 7 days make it routine and 14 days to became habit and trust me you will feel great. I learn to relax after stressful busy day at work with my essential oils and hobby business I started. Remember Your Time Your Life.

Ok guys hope that this 3 easy points help you to make your own New Year Resolution and that you stick to this resolution until you achieve a result. Set yourself goal and go for it, slow down if you feel tired but never stop. You will be rewarded at the end of your journey.

Don't forget to be Mindfull in 2019 as Mindfulness is seeing things with fresh eyes!!

I would like to wish you Happy New Year 2019 and all the best. I will see you here next Monday with very special blog.