Next Year crop planning yayyy

Christmas fast approaching but this time of the year is exiting for me. I got my propagators ready for early seedlings. I am going to sow variety of fruit and veg probably by end of January. As I am not having outside glass house I need to be careful what I am selecting and when I saw selected species. I selected few species lets have a look then:

1) Long Red Marconi Pepper

I grow this species last year and had substantial crop large red delicious Peppers. I decided to grow them again just because they are doing well in pots in my portable green house.

I am having some seeds left and planning to sow them end of January and beginning of February. If you keen gardener and would like some seedlings let me know 2 seedlings for £1

I decided this year that I will try couple of new types of tomatoes. I like fresh tomatoes and thinking that there is no better taste then fully ripen homegrown tomatoes.

This is dwarf bushy tomato plant is great for pots orange in colour called Venus. I purchased this when I went to visit my family in the Czech Republic and I am so exited to try it. I will sow this beginning of March as instructed on packaging. Would like to try?? 2 seedlings for £1 let me know.

This is another dwarf species for pots or hanging baskets. Species called Bajaja and it is famous for small sweet fruit cropping all summer till late Autumn. Again I will saw this tomatoes beginning of March as instructed on packaging. Would you like to try too?? 2 seedlings for £1 Pre-order now. Drop me a message :)

Also as involved in Aromatherapy I chose Calendula to bright up my garden and use precious flowers for my natural products for body and mind. If you sow this flower in right time you will be rewarded with blooms from late spring to late Autumn. From dry Calendula flowers you can make delicious tea when you suffer from cold and flu to ease symptoms in any time of the year. It is also very soothing for skin as part of bath salts. Would you like to try?? Drop me message 5 seedlings for £1.50

This is few edibles I will grow next year. Looking forward for warmer weather to start preparing my garden for spring. I am going to do separate blog about Decorative flowers I am planning to grow in my garden next season. What about you?? Are you looking for new gardening season too?? Let me know.

Thank you guys for your support, big shout out to new subscribers and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. see you here soon.

Jerry xxxx