Mindfulness and Health benefits (part 2)

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Today I would like talk about how Mindfulness got positive impact on our Wellbeing, Mental heath and Physical health. I did not know that Prolonged stress is known to cause anxiety, depression, panic attacks, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. High levels of stress – increasingly common in a world dominated by a materially driven, cut-throat corporate culture – lead to tension in muscles, aching shoulders and back and frequent headaches. Stress results in the release of a hormone called cortisol, also known as epinephrine, which is responsible for increasing heart rate, breathing and adrenaline flow and puts you at increased risk of health problems, including heart disease.The reduction of stress leads to the reduction of cortisol. This results in an improved immune system because the body is no longer redirecting important nutrients away from the immune system. When the body is in a state of stress response, cortisol regulates the immune system. In effect, the nervous system instructs the immune system to reduce its activity level so that energy and nutritional resources are directed towards more important bodily functions.

Meditation is able to restore the body to its natural, basic biorhythms.Natural, balanced biorhythms mean that you are less likely to overeat or smoke due to your perceived stress levels.

FACT: Mindfulness is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a way to prevent depression in people who have had three or more bouts of depression in the past.

- Meditation also Boosts Creativity and Reduces Depression

Interactions between neurons in the brain are the basis of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Meditation is also known to improve cognitive ability and the effect stays with the practitioner through the day. A study conducted by Harvard-affiliated researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital indicates a definite correlation between meditation and positive changes in the brain’s grey matter.

Meditation can help Reverse the Effects of Ageing

Regular Meditation Promotes Better Sleep

Meditation helps Reduce Hypertension

Meditation Improves Breathing

Meditation Helps Improve Skin Health

Meditation can Help Chemotherapy Patients

I just pointed out here few heath benefit that Mindfulness relaxation and meditation can bring in to your life. I bet that some of you may be surprised that aging or skin health is directly linked to your mental wellbeing.

If you read my blog you probably experienced stress, anxiety depression and we all been in some point on the way down the spiral. Life sometimes bring situations that we not prepare for and additional emotional distress, physical exhaustion and constant worry creating isolated space in our mind and place that we are lost. But don't worry even if you think that there is no way out there is always light end of the tunnel.

"In today's rush, we all think too much - seek too much - want too much - and forget about the joy of just being" Eckhart Tolle

Recent scientific research in to ancient meditation techniques has demonstrated the numerous benefits of mindfulness for body and mind. In particular mindfulness decreases stress, depression, irritability, emotional reactivity, and fatigue. It is also reduces - rumination - that is compulsive thinking with negative affect. It regulates emotions and improves concentration, working memory and cognitive flexibility. It even increases relationship satisfaction. (Barnes et al., "What are the benefits of Mindfulness? A Practice review of Psychotherapy-Related Research" Psychotherapy 48 (2011), 198-208)

Now I would like to pointed out some of the other benefits of Mindfulness. I will list here only few just because there is so many and don't want you to became bored.

1) A combination of patients suffering from cancer who tried Mindfulness Based Stress Relieve (MBSR) techniques exhibited substantial improvement in their overall mood with decreased levels of stress. ("A randomised, Wait-list Controlled Clinical Trial: The Effect of a Mindfulness Meditation-Based Stress Relieve Program on Mood and Symptoms of Stress in Cancer Outpatients," Psychosomatic Medicine 62.5 (2000), 613-622 )

2) Eight weeks of Mindfulness Based Stress Relieve (MBSR) techniques bring about development in the immune profile systems of individuals with prostate or breast cancer, corresponding to a reduction in the symptoms of depression. "(Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Relation to Quality of Life, Mood, Symptoms of Stress, and Immune Parameters in Breast and Prostate Cancer Outpatients," Psychosomatic Medicine Journal Of Bio-behavioural Medicine 65.4 (2003), 571-581.)"

There is many more scientific researches to Mindfulness meditation and positive benefits to our physical and mental health. You can easily search online and familiarised your self with latest research.

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"All that we are is the result of our thoughts. If you speak or act with an evil thought, pain follows you. If you speak or act with a pure thought, happiness follows you. The result of your thoughts is like a shadow that never leaves you" - The Buddha

You guys embarked on this journey with me. I have to say nobody is perfect. While I was on holiday it was my first time I experienced first relapse and my anxiety and depression started to creeping back. One morning I woke up tired, my mood was very low, no excitement and my mind was racing like Formula 1. Negative thoughts were pop in my mind like a mushrooms after rain. I was restless, could not concentrate. And what I did?? I sat on the bed trying to bring myself in to Zen with Breathing meditation and get in to present moment. It wasn't go well just because my mind could not relax. I made my way on the most beautiful beach I seen so far. Found quiet place sat down and told myself how lucky I am to be in beautiful place like this with my husband and our dear friends. Then I closed my eyes and listen to waves of the Atlantic Ocean feeling sand and touch of water. I started breathing meditation and concentrated on waves sounds, birds singing and people passing by. All of the sudden my mind relaxed, my body relaxed and I had happy feeling spreading all over my body. I spent about 10 minutes meditating on that beach.

When I finished I felt energise, my negative thoughts went, and I enjoyed every moment that day. Have to say that this was my first experience with relapse. I share this with you just because not always you can get your mind stop racing and stop thinking and just relax and its fine. That happens to all of us, but if you know tools how to deal with situation like this its always helpful.

Ok guys that's it for today, thank you for reading and hope this give you little bit of excitement to try and be mindful rather then mindless. Please like and share this blog with others like and subscribe if you like. Happy reading, Happy Gardening and enjoy your life as it comes :)