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It is all about Christmas.....

Hello guys and welcome back,

Festive time of the Year fast approaching and many of us feel a bit pressurized. Not only with work stress, money wise but also emotionally. As years go by I noticed that Christmas holidays are no longer that family orientated time of the year. Since October we bombarded with adverts about Christmas presents, special offers and credit available to purchase all these unnecessary gifts. Many people are digging deep debt hole just to buy newest Ipad, PS3 etc. But many of us actually taking granted precious time we spend with our loved once. How to deal with Christmas stress?? I have to tell you from experience that - I don't do Christmas shopping until December. I do a lot of shopping online too. We are living in 21st Century called digital age anyway. I do not shot on Black Friday and cyber Monday as I believe this is only marketing tool of rich people how to get even richer and can be honest loads of advertised stuff is overpriced anyway.

I believe that online shopping is way to go. As we don't have any kids its much easier to do Christmas shopping. I think that non of us like packed shopping centres with overpriced goods, people flashing credit cards and excessive stress building inside us. It used to be my anxiety trigger and I did not enjoyed crowded places. Then we realize money!! Many of us working hard all year around but when it comes to the Christmas we all skinned, our overdrafts are stretched and amount of money on credit cads signalized that we have to work even harder in next Year pay all back. Well this is not heathy lifestyle... I used to have 2 credit cards and end up with £5000 dept. Scary huh... Then you can not forget interest chargers and they not small... Sometimes hundreds of pounds just in interest. That doesn't lift up your Christmas spirit it only consume every spear penny you got. I got rid off both credit cards, took out loan with 1 interest and know that in 4 years time I will be debt free.

Then we have to sorted Christmas tree. Now some of you may feel offended but at this case I prefer artificial tree. Plastic isn't fantastic anymore how ever I think it is more environmentally friendly then hundreds real trees that get chop off each year. Real trees should stay where they are. When festive period pass artificial tree we pack up back in to the box. What do you do with real tree after Christmas?? After sorting tree there is another big bunch of money to spend - Christmas dinner.....I can go on and on with spending at Christmas time.... But I would like to stop and reflect what Christmas really bring in to our life….

Christmas is family and friends time. Appreciate your loved once around you, enjoy company that you have, festive nibbles and drink. Sit talk and completely forget about social media and internet in general. Some people may not be that happy and lucky as you or I am. Some people doesn't have loving family around them. But we also should think about this people. Care homes are not place to spend Christmas but some people doesn't have a choice. If you give presents don't buy just something... Buy something what does have meaning to you and to person you giving to. Price tag in meaningless sometimes present for £5 is much valuable then present for £100. Have a fun with people around you without spending thousands of pounds. Visit folks in care homes and spread the love. You don't need to buy any presents for them just bake some mince pies and take them with you. What they would appreciate is company and that they not forgotten..