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Total Relaxation - Spa at Ye Olde Bell

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog. Today I decide it to demonstrate that you can practise Mindfulness everywhere you want. As many of you know or not know that I am working in Spa, I am very fortunate that we allowed to use our facilities to relax ourselves and gain detailed knowledge of every single feature in our Spa. Spa has been open just over a year and recently been awarded 5 Bubbles from Good Spa Guide. We offer wide range of treatments as well as designed spa facilities. I would like to mention that this blog is not advertisement and It was my decision share with you a bit of this piece of heaven on Earth.

Once you get change to your complimentary use robes its time for wonder. We got indoor/outdoor vitality heated pool (10 meter long and 1.2 meter deep). Constant water temperature is 28 + degrees and we use as little chemicals as possible because we like to be environmentally friendly. Vitality pool is filled with features powered by air and water pressure and you will get full body massage experience.

After relaxation and full body massage experience in pool you can easily chill in large outside area. There is few heated sun lounges, big apple bed, ski chalet with fire pits and quiet corner with table just to enjoy a social drink. You can relaxing undisturbed listen to quiet music, read the book or just enjoy company of somebody else.

Once you ready for ultimate Mindfulness relaxation you can start your journey in Herbal Laconium room. This room is nice warm temperature (40 - 60 'C) and you inhale secret mix of herbs help you to open your sinuses. Once you ready take a few deep breaths and bring your attention to your breath. Make sure your back are straight, relax your hands and arms and once you ready close your eyes and bring your attention to in-breaths and out-breaths, let your mind relax, let thoughts coming and going - don't judge them just let them come and let them go. If you feel that your mind is wondering just bring you attention back to breathing. Enjoy your journey thru stress free present moment journey. Once you ready to finish your relaxation just slowly open your eyes stretch yourself if you wish and enjoy all the benefits of herbs inhalation and Mindfulness boost. Next stop will be Stone bath sauna.

Stone bath sauna got temperature around 50 - 70 degrees and heated stones dipping in water creating humid environment. Just spread towel and lie down and relax your muscles and feel heat penetrate your body. Close your eyes and bring your attention to breathing. Slow breaths in and out helps you to bring attention to present moment. Let your thoughts coming and going don't wander in past or future enjoy relaxing moment and feel all your body sensations..... Once you ready just open