Total Relaxation - Spa at Ye Olde Bell

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog. Today I decide it to demonstrate that you can practise Mindfulness everywhere you want. As many of you know or not know that I am working in Spa, I am very fortunate that we allowed to use our facilities to relax ourselves and gain detailed knowledge of every single feature in our Spa. Spa has been open just over a year and recently been awarded 5 Bubbles from Good Spa Guide. We offer wide range of treatments as well as designed spa facilities. I would like to mention that this blog is not advertisement and It was my decision share with you a bit of this piece of heaven on Earth.

Once you get change to your complimentary use robes its time for wonder. We got indoor/outdoor vitality heated pool (10 meter long and 1.2 meter deep). Constant water temperature is 28 + degrees and we use as little chemicals as possible because we like to be environmentally friendly. Vitality pool is filled with features powered by air and water pressure and you will get full body massage experience.

After relaxation and full body massage experience in pool you can easily chill in large outside area. There is few heated sun lounges, big apple bed, ski chalet with fire pits and quiet corner with table just to enjoy a social drink. You can relaxing undisturbed listen to quiet music, read the book or just enjoy company of somebody else.

Once you ready for ultimate Mindfulness relaxation you can start your journey in Herbal Laconium room. This room is nice warm temperature (40 - 60 'C) and you inhale secret mix of herbs help you to open your sinuses. Once you ready take a few deep breaths and bring your attention to your breath. Make sure your back are straight, relax your hands and arms and once you ready close your eyes and bring your attention to in-breaths and out-breaths, let your mind relax, let thoughts coming and going - don't judge them just let them come and let them go. If you feel that your mind is wondering just bring you attention back to breathing. Enjoy your journey thru stress free present moment journey. Once you ready to finish your relaxation just slowly open your eyes stretch yourself if you wish and enjoy all the benefits of herbs inhalation and Mindfulness boost. Next stop will be Stone bath sauna.

Stone bath sauna got temperature around 50 - 70 degrees and heated stones dipping in water creating humid environment. Just spread towel and lie down and relax your muscles and feel heat penetrate your body. Close your eyes and bring your attention to breathing. Slow breaths in and out helps you to bring attention to present moment. Let your thoughts coming and going don't wander in past or future enjoy relaxing moment and feel all your body sensations..... Once you ready just open your eyes and observe yourselves how relaxed and energised you are after enjoying mindfulness exercises. Once you ready to leave go straight in to unique snow shower.

This feature is only one in UK. You can't experience anything like it elsewhere. Once you heat up from stone bath room, experience sensation of snow and bring your body temperature down. Is very different feeling cold touches all over your body. You don't need to jump in to a freezing pool anymore you can let snow to cool you down. Once you ready make you way in to Swedish sauna.

As you know sauna is the best way to ,,sweat out'' all bad toxins out of your body. Just sit down and enjoy heat around 80 - 95 Degrees let your body do the job but do not forgot drink plenty of water because during your journey in spa you loosing around 50% of water from your organism. Water is available in spa for free and we offer fruit infuse water or just plain water. And what is even better that it is Yorkshire water, considering that you on border between South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. Once you hot enough and it is time to go out you got 2 choices go back to show storm or use Tropical showers.

This experience allowed you to feel tropical rain, summer storm or winter mist. All different sensation you will not normally notice in your day in day out life. It is something you must try and just concentrate on your skin sensations. Observe how your body is unique and if you close your eyes you can feel different sensations your skin experience. Once you finish your journey here is time to clean you sinuses in steam room.

Steam rooms are famous for expand your lungs, clean your nose and throat , temperature around 42 to 45 degrees helping your blood pressure and humid environment helping your skin and your skin will regenerate much quicker. I would recommend taking deep breaths just because steam is usually fragrant with herbs like mint etc. to help you get clean from any mucus in your breathing system. Once you ready to leave and finish your ultimate relaxation helping your mind and body is time to chill in salt inhalation room.

This room is amazing just because you can actually smell salt once you walk in. There is salt water evaporating and creating salt wall, health benefit is that inhalation of salt help your body restore electrolytes and make you feel happy, also boost you immune system and its nothing better then finish your journey sitting in comfy beanbag and enjoy last bit of relaxation. You can indulge yourself with healthy smoothie or cocktail.

We are having selection of tasty cocktails including Gin, Rum, Vodkas all premium spirits and we always happy to accommodate any customer wish. We also doing our theme nights on Fridays.

I decide it, to take you on this journey thru my work place just because I think we all deserve time for our self's and we all deserve nice relax. In these days we always busy living in future what we do next and planning our day to day life. I have to say that I love my job and all team is amazing. You will always receive warm welcome and we here for you make sure that your body and mind get well deserved rest. Thank you to all my readers again and hopefully see you soon for some Mindfulness relaxation. Take care and happy gardening and reading. Jerry

Don't forget that I am offering private Mindfulness session help you release stress and tension. Please contact me if you fancy rewire you stressful life and pay attention you your body, mind and present moment. Happy reading.