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6 Myths about Meditation

Hello guys and welcome back,

Today I want to pointed out most common myths about meditation. In our fast moving life we often make a loads of excuses not to this or that or just post pone our daily task just because we don't have a time. Lets face it... We make our time, time for work, house chores and time for ourselves. I came a cross to many people saying ohh I don't have a time for meditation because I am constantly busy, kids around all day, too much to do, busy at work... I would like to advise just stop... Sit down get your self drink and think again. Stress is not good, even good stress can be harm. You got only 1 life and its present right now. You cant press play again and start live your life from beginning. Therefore is even more important to stop and relax, get most from your day and your life.

Myth number 1 - It sounds boring - Well lets face it... It is boring sometimes. It is as boring as your work, your journey to be success. It is like learn how to play music instrument. There is a loads of boredom in process. Lets be honest is not exiting but you have to do it if you want to be really good. Pay off is that you will improve and became really good. If you want to be really good you have to go throw-out some boredom.

Myth number 2 - Meditation is too religious/spiritual/woo woo for me - You don't need to be religious or spiritual to meditate. meditation is not about afterlife, god, religious practises or more spiritual being... it is about NOW moment, ground you standing, chair you sitting, garden you surrounded. meditation is realistic almost too realistic sometimes and providing us with calm space where you can escape daily stress and discover our mental and physical sensations.

Myth number 3 - I don't have a time - Most common excuse, I bet you can spare 5 minutes from your busy life and just stop. It is scientifically proven that reduced stress significantly improve your cognitive abilities and sense of mental wellbeing will improve your performance in other areas of life. With more relaxed heathy and attentive mind you will safe time by completing tasks with better focus and efficiency.

Myth number 4 - My Mind is too busy to mediated - We all have a busy live sometimes. That's not a problem and another reason why you should try meditate. You