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Anxiety and traveling

Hi guys hope you ok and welcome back. Today I decide it that I would like to talk about topic very close to me. Let me put you in to the picture. I used to love traveling and was able to live at the airport just to see departing planes and wondering where they going. Sitting on the plane, traveling in bus or train I didn't mean. Then something happened... airport became my worst nightmare, security check torture and hanging around airport with stomach in my throat constantly looking for toilet just in case I will thru up. Go on train was painful, constant feeling crumbs in my stomach and sickness feeling at all the time. In that time I didn't know, that this is stress, anxiety, overthinking with connection to depression. I did not enjoy that at all. Who would.....

Ok, where to start... Any type of transportation is unnatural process, over the years we get use to trains, car, busses, undergrounds and past decade planes. Human beings were not design to fly at all, living in pressurised metal tube in 13000 feet is unnatural but body response is the opposite - natural protection of body and mind. That is why we feel Anxious, worried, scared etc. How technology moving forward we are using planes every so often some of us on daily basis. In one point I could not bare traveling on train and bus but that was closely connected to social anxiety and rather then traveling, people around me were trigger to my anxiety.

I think that is always very important to find triggers to your anxiety, pointed out triggers and plan our response to anxious situation. In my case I started to be worried more and more closer to traveling day. From Cognitive Behavioural Therapy I learnt that when you got that worring feeling just stop and tell yourself... is that happening NOW?? NO - and just let go your thoughts and redirect your thinking to other rather positive thinks. Do not supress your feelings or thoughts because suppressing mean only one think... Explosion once you can not supress your thoughts and feelings any more. Then you end up with more damage then you wanted.

For me when traveling day arrived I felt physically sick and pictured thinks in my head like security, crowded airport etc. I was trying to stuffed myself with anti-sickness tablets that make you drowsy. Have to say that work well but who want to travel drugged up?? Not me and I started research about natural ways how to deal with my Anxiety. And you guessing right. Mindfulness for traveling. Basic exercise you can practice everywhere. As you know once you in Anxious situation your anxiety disappear and therefore it is most important actually go in to situation, because naturally we will run away from unpleasant situation. I find that very difficult from start but now I feel again more comfortable around the airports and in any kind of transportation. I feel more confident and last time we went to Cuba I enjoyed full experience. Let me tell you how to get comfortable quickly...

1) Find any space you can sit.. Doesn't matter if its bar, restaurant or toilet cubical, choice is yours.