BREXIT, my feelings.

Hello guys and welcome back,

Firstly I would like to say that this is one off blog and it is more about how this process impacted me as person, my heath and my vision of future. I am not going to discuss here who is right and who is wrong and definitely not political debate.... Lets start then. I came to UK in 2006 with one suitcase and job offer from country hotel in North Yorkshire... As qualified chef and waiter after 5 years of collage with top grades I wanted to pursue my dream of success. My carrier in Czech was going well and it was not easy decision leave my family behind, my carrier behind, my friends behind and move in to foreign country thousands miles away... At this stage I was bar manager running 2 bars, served meal to the President of The Czech Republic Vaclav Havel and went on my first travels to Egypt. But there was always that craving to try and go somewhere else. The Czech Republic joined EU in 2004 after public referendum with positive outcome. All of the sudden there was funds available to claim for culture, agriculture, education, NHS etc. World open for us as young generation ready to show the world what Czechs can do...

When I packed my suitcase and jump on the plane I was exited going to cosmopolitan, open, respected, well educated country with The Queen as head of state. Rich British history starting from colonizing world to modern days. Couple days after arrival I started my new job and new adventure. Learning English, listen to different accents and explore British cuisine I never regret. I felt happy, exited and ready to push to establish myself but also fighting home sickness, missing my family and friends. As citizen of EU member state I have to register at Home Office (£90) only but no visa need it. I think in these days people taking traveling for granted and feel like living in another country is absolutely fine and they got right to do that when ever they decided. My opinion is that is wrong thinking. I came from ,,post communist country" many British people know this label but not many understand what does it mean living it. For example my mum hate communist party and never vote for them. Only country you can travel was Bulgaria as communist country too and procedure to file request for traveling was long and painful and if you don't bribe officer you more then likely end up with traveling request rejected. Living in Europe with no borders for member states and treating each other equally without prejudice that is one fundamental principle of united Europe.

United Kingdom was one day big founder of this projects. Like any other project for example United States got ups and downs but sometimes you do step forward and insist your opinion and sometimes in case of respect you have to step back. That is what my parents teach me as kid as well. I believe that every British person is proud to be British as I am proud to be Czech. We all got roots somewhere we proud of. Since 2006 I was living life, worked all that time, find my best friend and husband and thought that there is nothing I have to be afraid of... Then 2016 came, political storms, lies and promises emerged. Project that was one day supported and cherish by British turn to worst enemy and referendum was set up with no clear rules. I have to say that from my education Referendum is public opinion that parliament can take guidance to improve citizens life or discover public opinion. It never means that one side are winners and other side is looser. Referendum is question that politicians asking public... In this result was that slight majority supported leave. I understand that and respect that. Sad think was that younger generation wasn't able to vote and I think they should as this change I believe going to have a big impact on their lives. Opposite side was older generation who understandably feel patriotic and proud.

But that was point where I started panic, what am I going to do?? What rights I got?? Where to go for support and advice?? What is future like?? How much more I have to spend to on registration, residency card etc??? What if I can't stay?? Does my husband need apply for Czech citizenship to be on safe side?? Do I need to apply for British citizenship to be on safe side?? Does it matter what is my nationality or does it matter what kind of person I am?? What obstacles I will be facing applying for job?? Does my car insurance shoot up just because I wasn't born here?? Why should I pay extra go to see doctor if I am unwell?? And many more. And then you got social media spitting out arguments that make me feel offended, emigrant labelling, but nobody seen to be interested how do we feel. Been told go back to your country, all these foreigners, Them people...

My intention coming to UK wasn't to harm anybody but also I never imagine that nation I adore and talk about British as intelligent cosmopolitan open and warm people will treat me one day like second class citizen. Social media can harm people.... Then you hear from friends - we like people like you, you will be all right… I found this hard to believe just because at the moment I don't know what is happening to my status, I am in the same sack like all other people from different countries. In Limbo, waiting game, worried, scared, overthinking, sad, angry.

People also think that because I am married to British husband I am safe and gaining any special privileges... Wrong impression. I love my husband to bits as his family and friends but it doesn't give me any right to stay or protect me from future law enforcements unless I pay £1500 to submit mine citizenship application (no discount for people married to brits) then extra charges for Live in UK test and English test to receive passport. If I do that I will feel that I am loosing big part of my heart. Just because I been forced to do that and because I love The Czech Republic. To bring this blog to the end I have to mention that all my British family are amazing loving people with opinions about Brexit. I respect them and always trying to make a joke about Brexit. My husband is one of the character you meet only once in your life and it would be heart breaking for me to separate with him just because stupid Brexit. As kid I was bullied in school and that make me stronger and resilient in case that people calling me names, talk to me like I am dirty door matt just because I speak more then 1 language and English is not my first language.

What is the future?? I don't know can be honest. Nobody knows. My opinion is that UK will regret leaving EU and re-join again. I am not going anywhere. And if worst comes to worst my husband and I will move out from UK and run B&B in Spain or elsewhere. I don't want apply for British citizenship just because I am Czech. I will no longer watch, listen and contribute anything to any social media groups just because it doesn't have a good impact on my mental heath, and because life is too short worrying about something that I can not influence. Brexit mean Brexit and we all see what impact that going to have for people, businesses, economy, travels, life in general. Hopefully one day I will receive email from Home Office informing me which rights I am loosing because I definitely don't gain anything from Brexit.

Ok Guys I was thinking write this blog for little while. I wanted to express my opinion and feelings. Show people that Brexit was another contributor to my anxiety and depression issues I had. But also support my fellow ''emigrants" ohh sorry ''migrants'' is right label and tell them that we here for each other. We work hard, paying taxes like everybody else, speak more then 1 language and we do not get lost in Brexit.

Thank you guys for reading and see you here again next Monday with exiting traveling Blog from our Iceland Adventure.

Happy Reading love you all.