Dahlia from Tubers

Hello guys,

today I am planting Arthur Hambley Dahlia in planter. There is so many varieties of Dahlia that everyone will find one. You can find all different colors, flowers, heights etc. I purchased this Tuber from Cherry lane nurseries with 50% off all summer bulbs. Dahlias require any well cultivated soil with supply of organic material. Place it in sunny spot away from strong winds. They are good for pots, borders or bedding plats. short varieties can be grown in containers or balcony. After flowering finished lift tubers after flowering and keep them in dry compost in dark warm place. Ok guys lets get started....

1) Purchase you Dahlias in local nurseries, Amazon, B&Q and many other shops, look out for growing sizes and how much space dahlia require. I got mine from Cherry lane nurseries and there is 50% off on all summer bulbs. Dahlia require low maintenance.

2) You need a good size pot with draining holes, you need to make sure that tuber will comfortably fit in to the pot.

3) Get good quality compost ideally with John Innes added but this is not essential. If you making your own compost its even better.

4) Check your Tuber for any damages, sometimes you can find tubers that broken off from main root. This is ok unless you see any excessive damage to the root.

5) Fill up planter with compost about 3/4. Dig hole big enough to fit your tuber comfortably without any excessive bending, squeezing and unsuccessful attempts to fit your tubers in.

6) Find previous year old stem and hold it there. See picture above. This is top of the plant and it is important that you plant your Dahlia right way up otherwise will kill tuber and you not be successful.

7) Cover Tuber with compost make sure all roots are covered BUT leave last year stem sticking out from soil. See picture above. Many people thinks that they have to buried roots deep. And it is wrong. Tuber plants need air and sun to brake from hibernation and start germinate. You not achieve this if you buried your tubers 30 cm under ground.

8) Last think to do is water your planter make sure soil is moist but not soaking wet and place your planter in sunny position and your Dahlia is ready to bloom. You should see new shoots coming out within couple of weeks. Good Luck everybody and share you success with me.

How much I spend... not a lot can be honest... lets see

Multi-purpose compost 1.39 sterling

Dahlia Tuber 1.25

38 cm pot 1.99

TOTAL - 4.63 sterling

Please contact me and share your experience with me. if you click HOME on top of this blog scroll down and send me a mail. Tips, tricks welcome and any challenges accepted .... Ok guys Thank you that you spend time to read my blog, find my channel on YouTube just search Jaroslav Zejman. You take care and happy gardening.

Next week I am planting my Sunflower seedlings....