What I harvested in Summer 2018

Hello guys and welcome back,

As Summer is over and its time to get ready for winter and make plants for next year I decided dedicate this blog to all of you who are not sure what to grow in small urban gardens or never thought that is possible to achieve a good crop of food much cheaper and much healthier then get it from supermarkets. I will include prices for each plant give you idea how much you can safe if you grow your. I have to say that everything I harvest this year doesn't took hours spend in the garden to harvest a good crop.

1) Strawberry

Easy growing care free. I am growing mine in pots. Mine strawberries are chemicals free and 100% organic. Usually older plants producing more fruit. I am keeping mine for about 3 years and replacing them in cycles. You can grow strawberries in pots, on balcony, patio or any sunny small spaces. This year I am selling my harvested baby strawberry plants - 3 for £1 healthy, organic plants, no pesticides, herbicides, or any other harming chemicals. This plants will be available for delivery or collection early spring. Please contact me if you like buy some. Strawberries are usually around £2 punnet in summer and more expensive in winter. From mine 6 plants I harvested enough to have a fresh strawberries and also manage freeze some for winter Gin and Tonic.

2) Tomatoes - Money Maker

Tomatoes can be tricky to grow. But with constant evolution and genetic engineering you can purchase many different breeds of tomatoes resistant to pests, diseases etc. I choose Money Maker just because its easy to grow in pots and resistant to black mould. I am starting tomato plants in propagator beginning of February and by April they ready for green house and buy May they ready to be planted outside. This breed of tomatoes producing tasty, juicy tomatoes all the way till late September. I will be selling seedlings of this tomatoes next spring 4 for £1 again all chemicals free ready to plant. I had 3 plants and they produced around 3kg of tomatoes. Sustainable source and much better taste. They also happy to grow in pots.

3) Blackberries

We are having in our garden rather large shrub of blackberries. We cut this shrub last year very drastically. To my surprise we had rather substantial crop. Blackberries are seasonal fruit and we freeze it and keep it for our gin and tonic in long winter evenings and for our Christmas party. Blackberries are very invasive and car easily overtake your garden. I would recommend that you grow them in large pot.

4) Blueberries

This amazing fruit is pack with antioxidants and is considered as one of super fruit. I purchase 3 plants 2 years ago for £15. I had small crop first year, amazing crop second year and another amazing crop this year. Blueberries are easy to grow in pots in acidic soil. Please see my previous blog how to plant and care for blueberries. This variety is Sunshine Blue and fruiting mid summer. It is nothing better then fresh blueberries all over your morning porridge or cereals.

5) Macroni Peppers

This amazing peppers did very well in green house this year. It is fist year I grow them and wasn't sure how successful I am going to be but have to say that I am more them happy. I will be offering seedlings to purchase in spring please keep an eye on my website for prices.

I use to buy this Peppers in Tesco £2 for 2. This year I harvested around 12 peppers and safe some pennies. I would recommend this variety just because need only little care and reward you with loads of delicious peppers.

6) Raspberries

Raspberries are another fruit consider as super fruit. I purchased my raspberry root in B&Q in sale for £2. I decided to grow raspberries in pot avoid wide spreading all over the garden. Because of young plant I manage to have only small crop this year but looking forward for bigger crop next year. I have to admit that I eat all of them and did not manage freeze any of them.

This blog is just about to share my first gardening year. I have to say that I am more them pleased about my success and slowly started plan my next year in garden. I hope you like this blog and hope that this encourage you to grow your own next year. It is very rewarding in you care for your plants and the reward you with good crop or beautiful flowers.

Ok guys happy reading and happy gardening. See you here for another blog