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Last supper - feed your garden before winter.

Hi guys and welcome back, we are in middle of September and this time is great for last dose of plant food. Remember that many annuals die off but perennials need energy to survive over the winter. If you feed your garden too late be prepare that you loose some perennials as they will be too active due late feeding. Many perennials are dormant over the winter. What does it mean?? It is like brown bears sleeping in deep winter for couple of months, same apply to some but not all perennials. It is stage where plant is not growing, there is no foliage usually, and plant is preparing to shoot out once soil get warmer and sun get stronger. If you feed your plants too late it will cause that plant will be hyperactive, wanted to grow and could get damage in low temperatures. If you feed your plants now they will not get energetic, store important nutrients and as temperature will naturally lower over next few week plant will get in to natural sleep - dormant state. Now I will show you what I am using to feed my garden.

First stop is Pour&Feed for tomatoes. I like this product just because is all ready diluted and only think I have to do is measure cups and feed my tomatoes. I am using this fertilizer for peppers as well just to give them that growing boost. This eazifeed formula make your tomatoes grow strong and it is for outdoor and indoor use. This is high potash feed that encourage healthy grow, bigger and more tasty crops. I am feeding my tomatoes and peppers once in 2 weeks with 2 full caps straight in to the pots.

This is - must have for every gardener. Continuous Release Plant Food. I am using this brand not for specific reasons. I am using this beginning of season, for replanting and in the middle of the season to prepare my plants for winter. You need to measure this fertiliser carefully just because if you use too much you can burn plants roots and eventually kill plants. Miracle-Grow contain 10 important nutrients for optimal grow of any plants. This is multipurpose Plant food give your plants great start of the season and enough nutritious energy for winter dormant state. There is many other products and it is very hard to say witch is good and bad.

This Grow-Sure plant food is for acid loving plants. I am using it to feed my Blueberries, Geraniums and other plants that like more acidic then PH neutral soils. You have to dilute this feed with water. Measure I am using is usually one cup per watering can every 2 weeks. My advice will be always read instruction on back of every feeding product you buy. I have to say that my Blueberries are flourishing and delivering very good crop past couple of years. You will get amazing crops once you got right soil, right position and right fertilizer for your plants.