Nemasys natural protection

Hello guys and welcome back,

As I promised,today I am going to talk about amazing natural protection for your loved plans. I came across Nemasys completely by accident when I was desperate to get rid off caterpillars attacking my Blueberry plants. What is Nemasys?? Millions of beneficial Nematodes, microscopic worms living in soil all over our badly damage Earth. They need water or moist to move around searching for host. This is a great help for everyone to get rid off unwanted insect in your garden.

1) Where to purchase - Just search online Nemasys and website should pop up. Please be aware that you buying living organism and each pack got use by date. Use by date is usually around 4 weeks and 1 package is for 2 applications every 2 weeks. I am buying my from There is few another products but I am using fruit and veg protection for my fruit trees and shrubs as for flowering plants. Upon arrival your Nemasys place packed in to fridge or apply immediately (only half pack) and store rest in sealed container in the fridge!!

2) You need watering can, my is 5 litre one and fill can with tap water and leave it stand for 24 hours. It is important that you let water get ready and all chlorine evaporated. The best water is rain water. Chlorine will kill your Nematodes. Once water is ready, remove packaging from fridge, check use by date on plastic seal, open it. What you will see is cream colored powder or candy floss look like substance. It is absolutely fine. Use half pack only by spooning substance in to watering can. Just want to mention that Nematodes are not harmful to human or other animals only to specific insects, larvae, caterpillars etc.

3) After placing half a pack in to the water return packaging in to the fridge and use wooden spoon to give your Nematodes a good stir and leave it stand for couple of minutes, Please be aware that Nematodes doesn't like sunshine. UV light will kill your Nematodes. I am usually applying my nematodes in the evening when sun gone or in cloudy wet day as Nematodes loves moist for best results.

4) Then you need pour liquid in to sprayer, I am using this one as its pressurized and Nematodes friendly. I would not recommend using hand sprayers as they got too small nozzles and small netting stopping full dose of Nematodes to be applied. Usually one watering can is enough for all my plants. Once you pressurized your bottle you ready to go.

5) Apply liquid on your infested plants, make sure you spray bottom of the leaves as well as woody parts of your plants, do it couple of times make sure that non of your plants still dry. If you have any liquid remaining pour it in to the soil as Nematodes naturaly living in soil. Don't forget mark date in your calendar for next application. Observe you plants, after couple of days you should see improvements.

6) Let this little guys do their job, I am very happy with this product, is 100% natural protection as I don't like using chemicals in my garden. I am just disappointed that I haven't find it a bit early. Its easy to use as well and if you order thru website above you will receive 10% off from next order. Postage is very quick. They also offering programs where you purchase protection for whole summer and spring. you will receive 1 pack at the time every 4 weeks. Ok guys hope this help you a little bit. and how much I spend??

I pay 7 sterling for 1 pack(4 weeks application) from eBay but will purchase my next order from website for 11.99 2 packs or maybe 6 months programe not sure yet.

Thank you very much for your time, happy gardening and hope you all doing well. If you like this blog please share it or find me on YouTube just search my name Jaroslav Zejman and my channel should pop up.