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Ginger in pot

Hello guys

Today I am doing something very exiting, planting ginger. I love ginger because it is herb or spice or just natural remedy used for 1000 years. One of the nation appreciate natural healing benefits are Chines and Japanese cultures. I am using ginger for tea, cooking and stimulate my stomach to produce just right amount of acid. Since I use ginger my metabolism and digestion improve as well. Ginger root is like potato growing underground and don't mind to be crowded or restrict to small space to grow. And yes perfect for pots for your conservatory or indoors. Lets get started then.You will need....

1) Good quality compost. Any compost is good but remember Ginger like loads of organic material and then more richer compost is better, your own compost will be fantastic.

2) Size of pot fitting your window sill or conservatory. I got medium size of planter fitting my kitchen window. Any size will be fine you just need adapt your ginger root size to make sure that fits planter nicely and there is the room to grow.

3) You need to purchase your ginger root. Usually supermarkets treat ginger with chemical to stop sprouting because of ginger shelvelife You may be lucky and find batch that wasn't treated like me or you can purchase organic ginger online. There is plenty websites offer ginger but price wary. life

4) Look out for these little buds, they are sprouts and from this bulb will shoot come out. Sometimes you can find ginger witch is very dry, don't use that one for planting just because you not going to be successful. This ginger root I brought in Tesco store all ready with buds. If I am lucky you can be..