Hello guys and thank you for visiting my blog. Today we are planting Camellias. I came across this plant when I was looking how to bring a bit of color to my garden all year around. Camellias are evergreen woody perennials. Green glossy leaves all year around and beautiful flowers in autumn or winter time when many other plants still dormant Camellias thrive. There is so many colors on market at the moment that you can choose witch one suits your garden best. You can grow Camellias in pots or in the ground.

1) Search for your Camellias, many online nurseries and gardening shops like B&Q offering young plants. As you can see picture above this plants are around 5 years old. I purchased my plants from Ebay nursery plant shop. Choose carefully as there is many varieties, sizes and colors.

2) You also need Ericaceous compost. This compost is acidic and great for any acidic loving plants. In this brand my Blueberry bushes just thrive. Camellias love low PH and good quality compost is essential.

3) Also use Bone Meal help your plants develop strong healthy roots. You can buy bone meal in any gardening shop. This is secret weapon of all gardeners. This substance proving the best condition for rooting as possible and one pack last for little while.

4) Then you need good size quality pot. This depend how many plants you want to plant. My is 35 cm diameter and I will plant in to this pot 3 separate plants. If you got only 1 plant choose smaller pot.

5) You also need your plants, I would guess that these are around 1 year old. Pink, Red and White flowers. Plants arrived in very good condition with 48 hours delivery via Royal Mail. But as I mentioned before you can pick your plants in local nurseries and gardening shops. Camellias also grow around 30 cm per year.

6) Fill 3/4 of pot with compost and position plants to make sure that they will fit comfortably and there is still plenty of space for grow. Once you happy take seedlings out of small pot and plant them carefully. Compost should be moist a little bit.

7) Once you planted your seedlings water pot with plenty of water and choose half shade position. Be patient, Camellias I chose flowering from February. If you purchase your seedlings mid year you will find good offers and nice dark green shiny leaves will be nice decoration even without flowers.

How much I spend? If you new reader I do my gardening on budget and as cheep as possible. If you regular reader thank you for your time you spend reading my blog.

1 40l bag of compost 5 sterling

1 medium size pot 1 sterling

3 Camellia plants 9.99 - free postage

1 pack bone meal - purchased last summer for price of 3 sterling.

Total> 15.99 so far most expensive purchase. I did not included cost for bone meal as purchased last year.

I will keep you updated on my progress with Camellias. Did you check out my website??

Let me know what do you think and what can I improve. Thank you guys and see you next time.