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Flowering garden

Hello guys,

Just thought that I haven't introduced you to my garden. Its finally spring and after hard work after winter I get my garden up and running. as I said my garden is not big that's why I like groving plants in pots to safe a space and you never get bored because you can rearrange pots at any time. I will do blogs about fruit plants very soon and give you little tips and tricks.

I am going to start with Blueberry. I am having 3 plants of Sunshine Blue dwarf species of Blueberry ideal for pots. From my biological protection blog you know that I had problem with caterpillars attacking my plants. But I manage to get rid of them and plants are full of flowers as you van see on picture above. Little beautiful white and pink flowers lasting for couple of weeks and loved by pollinators. Looks like another great crop of berries this year.

Next stop Strawberries as you can see them in pot as well. Not sure what species just because I got them as present from my father in law. In total I got 2 pots. 1 with new plants from last year and second with 2 years old plants. Once new plants shoot out I am planting shoots in to small pots, leave them establish till next spring and replace old plants for better fruit crop. Both pots are now full of flowers attacked by pollinators and cant wait for fresh strawberries and cream. Strawberries are also good with pink gin... just thought it is good to mention...

Next I got Canadian Bluebells, flowers are usually dark blue. I took picture too late as we had very hot and sunny weather that's why color faded a little bit. They grown in ground and I am just keep them in line and pick bulbs every spring to keep only small island otherwise this Bluebell would spread all over my garden and take over every available space. But as you can see - full of flowers.

Last but not least is this beauty, Peony beautiful big and red flowers lasting for weeks. This Peony is in ground and once planted can survive for 100 years. This fl