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Kiki's Artz Studio shout out - 13 questions blog

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog. Thank you very much for visiting my website and subscribing, it is very appreciated. Todays blog is a bit different but still have Anxiety and Depression background. I would like to introduce you to my friend and amazing Artist Kiki and her studio, you can follow her on Facebook just search Kiki's Atrz Studio or @kikis_artz_studio to see her work. Well let me introduce you to Kiki the artist.

I asked Kiki few questions about her life and her hobby. Kiki is painting artist and making amazing pieces that could be personalised or she will just produce master piece on her own you can purchase and support young progressing artist. Kiki was originally born in The Czech Republic but now living permanently in UK with her supporting boyfriend. I met both few years back thru work and we shared accommodation. Kiki is very outgoing girl full of energy, positivity and once you meet her you will fell in love with her. She is kind person interesting in helping people with anxiety and depression thru painting therapy, she is part of her local artist community and produce few original peace's that she sold or gifted to her closes friends and family. I asked her for interview and she kindly agreed to that.

Question 1 - Was painting always your hobby? And when did you realized that you got talent to make amazing pieces?

Kiki - First of all thank you so much for thinking my pieces are amazing! That means a lot to me! When I was very little I was taking art classes twice a week I remember I had to walk about 4 miles to get there after school, but I loved it. But the moment I realize that art is something I absolutely love and can't live without was thanks to my Aussie friend Jessica Allen. One day we were in a field just chilling and I was sketching, I told her that I would love to try to paint again, that I haven't done it since I was 13 years old but I remember I really enjoyed it back then. And Christmas came and I received and amazing present from her and Steve that changed my life. It was an easel box with set of Acrylic, Oil and water colours. And thanks to this little moment in my life I fell in love with painting again. I am also able to paint thanks to an amazing support from my incredible boyfriend who always helps me think outside the box and helps me cone out of my comfort zone and is a massive inspiration for me.

Jerry -I would say that this is amazing after all that years you find lost love for art and painting, incredible and big applause to your Aussie friends give you that kick that brought you back to painting.

Question 2 - What was the reason that you decided to start painting professionally??

Kiki -Well, I am still not painting professionally ;-) most of my paintings I just give away to people that get really excited when they see it. I still feel really embarrassed asking for money for my art so I usually just ask for some donation for the materials. But for me to be able to make my dreams reality and start helping people the way I would like to I need to start turning this into a business slowly but surely.