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Hello guys and welcome back to my blog. Thank you very much for visiting my website and subscribing, it is very appreciated. Todays blog is a bit different but still have Anxiety and Depression background. I would like to introduce you to my friend and amazing Artist Kiki and her studio, you can follow her on Facebook just search Kiki's Atrz Studio or @kikis_artz_studio to see her work. Well let me introduce you to Kiki the artist.

I asked Kiki few questions about her life and her hobby. Kiki is painting artist and making amazing pieces that could be personalised or she will just produce master piece on her own you can purchase and support young progressing artist. Kiki was originally born in The Czech Republic but now living permanently in UK with her supporting boyfriend. I met both few years back thru work and we shared accommodation. Kiki is very outgoing girl full of energy, positivity and once you meet her you will fell in love with her. She is kind person interesting in helping people with anxiety and depression thru painting therapy, she is part of her local artist community and produce few original peace's that she sold or gifted to her closes friends and family. I asked her for interview and she kindly agreed to that.

Question 1 - Was painting always your hobby? And when did you realized that you got talent to make amazing pieces?

Kiki - First of all thank you so much for thinking my pieces are amazing! That means a lot to me! When I was very little I was taking art classes twice a week I remember I had to walk about 4 miles to get there after school, but I loved it. But the moment I realize that art is something I absolutely love and can't live without was thanks to my Aussie friend Jessica Allen. One day we were in a field just chilling and I was sketching, I told her that I would love to try to paint again, that I haven't done it since I was 13 years old but I remember I really enjoyed it back then. And Christmas came and I received and amazing present from her and Steve that changed my life. It was an easel box with set of Acrylic, Oil and water colours. And thanks to this little moment in my life I fell in love with painting again. I am also able to paint thanks to an amazing support from my incredible boyfriend who always helps me think outside the box and helps me cone out of my comfort zone and is a massive inspiration for me.

Jerry -I would say that this is amazing after all that years you find lost love for art and painting, incredible and big applause to your Aussie friends give you that kick that brought you back to painting.

Question 2 - What was the reason that you decided to start painting professionally??

Kiki -Well, I am still not painting professionally ;-) most of my paintings I just give away to people that get really excited when they see it. I still feel really embarrassed asking for money for my art so I usually just ask for some donation for the materials. But for me to be able to make my dreams reality and start helping people the way I would like to I need to start turning this into a business slowly but surely.

Jerry - I think that your hard work will get paid off one day and we will see your paintings all over the world making people happy and energise.

Question 3 - How you decide what you going to paint next and what is your inspiration?

Kiki -This is probably the most difficult question for me. I used to paint landscapes so I always took the inspiration from the nature, our travels and my photographs. One day I was feeling very sad and frustrated from work and had million things on my mind and couldn't fall asleep. So I went back to my easel and used my spare canvas and just let go. I let all my emotions out on the canvas. I decided to share this picture even though, in my eyes it wasn't perfect and I got so much positive response and a first commission for an abstract painting. And since then I have been experimenting with abstract paintings and try to let the colours shine. But my favourite painting are custom painting for people I know because they challenge me as I always try to capture their personality in my painting whether its in colour or texture.

Jerry - Bless you, from my experience I can say that our minds can do amazing thinks and we all should find the way how to ,,let go" negative energy, get that anger out from our minds. I found gardening and you found abstract painting. I know you as very positive person but can imagine that you have sometimes ups and downs and your head is full of thoughts.

Question 4 - How does painting make you feel, and what are your feelings when you paint?

Kiki - Painting makes me feel really excited. The thing with my painting process is that I go through a lot of emotions through all the different stages. At the beginning I feel a bit scared, I have a lot of respect to all my art materials and I am always scared I will waste a canvas because the painting is not going to be good enough 😄 When I finally decide what colours I am going to chose, I start struggling with the composition, then it comes to me, so I get really excited. Then when I feel I am finished, then I start overthinking whether its enough or whether I need to carry on with more details 😂 but the best feeling I get is when I am finally finished and I am happy with my painting. I am perfectionist and I can't leave a painting until I absolutely love it and it excites me that I manage to create something I really love. But I really love this whole process, because Its the only time I can stop thinking about everything else. And just focus on making the right colour choices, textures and composition.

Jerry - That's sounds like hard work but you rewarded with painting that contain your feeling, emotions and piece of you and your positive personality and make people very happy. If you stop thinking about anything else and concentrate on one think in present moment its call Mindfulness and its amazing feeling and therapeutic exercise.

Question 5 - Does your paintings carry any messages?

Kiki - I really like to think so. The messages I am getting from different people show me that everyone sees something different in each of my paintings and I love hearing what it is and how it makes them feel.

Jerry - That's great, we all different and can be honest that we express our emotions and feeling differently but its great that there is that message coming out from your emotions and feelings. I would like to say that some people don't open themselves in spoken language they open themselves thru different channels of communication like painting or writing.

Question 6 - Have you choose painting as therapeutic exercise release any stress, anxiety, depression etc.?

Kiki - At start yes, It was my escape from the stress from work and anxiety that sometimes comes to me from nowhere, where I can't stop thinking about negative things even though there is so much positivity and amazing things in my life! I believe we all have these days and painting is definitively one of the best ways to let go. I would also like to start painting therapy for people and children who suffer with depression or anxiety. Because I know there is so many people out there who suffer with this terrible illness and not all of them know how to talk about it. I would really like to make a difference even if its only help 1 person.

Jerry - I think Kiki if that's only 1 person it is amazing achievement. You right there its so many people out there who doesn't know how to express feelings and struggling every single day just to go thru every day life. I think your vision is great and you got amazing future ahead of you. Keep going in your vision because you can really help people and show them how to express themselves.

Questions 7 - Who is your favour painter?

Kiki - Leonardo Da Vinci, he is a legend not only in the art world. I absolutely admire his work!

Jerry - Wow that's straight forward answer.. I believe that he's hiding secret messages in his painting not sure if I am right or not lol.

Question 8 - What would you like to achieve with your paintings?

Kiki - I would like to be next Damien Hirst just less crazy 😁😄. No, but It would be really amazing to be successful and make my living with something I love so much! That is everyone’s dream isn't it? But even if I am not successful I will carry on painting trying to bring smiles on as many faces as I can.

Jerry - OMG I think you heading right direction. His work is amazing. #hirstdamien @hirstdamien

Question 9 - Have you got planned any exhibitions to display all your work? If yes where and when?

Kiki - Its my long time dream to have an exhibition, so I am working on solid body of work, when I do get the opportunity to display my work somewhere I will be ready. At the moment I am looking to hopefully participate in some of my local art festivals. If I manage to book a space in any of these you will be the first one to know!

Jerry - Amazing, looking forward to it. And would like to give shout out to my readers to support Kiki and if you know about any art exhibitions let her know on her Facebook page or Instagram.

Question 10 - How would you describe your style?

Kiki - Not yet determined :-D I am still finding myself but at the moment I would say textured abstract sometimes its crazy and colourful, sometimes very subtle and calming.

Jerry - Ok great I have to say that you like colours and I absolutely love picture you painted for me.

Question 11 - Have you been thinking to help other people with your paintings?

Kiki - Absolutely. At the moment I don’t have the resources to do so, but as soon as I do, I would love to create colourful collection of big canvases and donate them to hospitals or care homes to help making them more bright and colourful. And hopefully make the people feel brighter and happier as well. And try to make my painting therapy sessions reality to help people with anxiety or depression.

Jerry - That's absolutely amazing plan and what a great idea. I used to work in care homes and usually these homes trying to be homely as possible but people with Autism love colours and paintings and can get absolutely lost in pictures for hours. This also encourage them to draw or paint and its great therapy. In elderly homes people missing happy feeling and loneliness is daily program. I believe that your painting will make them happy and bring brightness in to their lives. When you decided to go ahead with this plan I would be more then happy to help you and support you.

Question 12 - What you don’t like to paint or never consider to try?

Kiki - Portraits. I have tried it before, but I am not very good at it and with painting someone's face you have to be able to capture their personality as well as their face. And I don't want to fail anyone therefore I wouldn't even try.

Jerry - Ok maybe one day you will give a try and I would like to be painted and I sure that my husband will be a great model too.

Question 13 - Would you be able to accommodate all customers wishes?

Kiki - Haha I don't believe there is an artist out there who would be able to accommodate all customers wishes, but maybe I am wrong. But I am definitely always ready for a new challenge so I would always try and give it a go with a bit of Kiki’s style of course.

Jerry - That's amazing answer and life is challenge, good on you..

I left this picture as last but not least. This painting is named New Beginning and Kiki painted this picture as a gift to her dearest friends. When Kiki find out that her friend and her husband beaten Cancer she was inspired painted New Beginning Butterfly. I have to say that is very touching and it is also very close to Kiki's heart. I would may express myself saying that Cancer was like ugly caterpillar changing to cocoon and once beaten life transformed in to something amazing, happy and beautiful like a Butterfly. I am not sure if Kiki's friends will read this blog but I would like to say big huge Congratulations for beaten Cancer, you are people who deserved only the best for rest of your life and also you very lucky to have a friend like Kiki.

Thank you very much for your time Kiki to answer all my questions. I wish you luck in your future and many more amazing paintings.

Ok guys this is my friend Kiki and her way of life, her way dealing with life obstacles and her way to express her self thru her art work. I have to say that I saw few her pieces and love them all. If you like what she is doing get in touch with her and I am sure that she will be happy to make you original master piece. Painting made just for you and one and only piece in the world.

I hope that you like this blog, a bit different from gardening but very close to Mindfulness, Anxiety and Depression.

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Happy reading, gardening and Painting.

Jerry and Kiki

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