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Hello guys and welcome back to my blog. This time I would like give Shout Out to amazing and creative Assisi Hair. Company Director Jade kindly agreed to cooperate with me and tell us a bit more about her business… I am very pleased bring this blog to you again introducing hard working women in hard world of business.

1) Hello Jade and Thank you to take a time and answer few questions for my readers. First I would like to ask if you can tell us something about yourself, how did you find love for hair, and what are your goals in life.

Jade: I started salon entrepreneurship 12 years ago in 2007. My long term goal is to grow to three salons in the next five years as I currently have two locations. I want to provide the best education and training for hair related subjects for the whole North of the UK. I started to love hair through a family friend who had 30 years industry experience due to illness she had to close her business and my brand was born.

2) What is that make you different from another Hairdressers out there?

Jade- First and foremost training is at the heart of the Assisi company and we strive to be recognised. We are known for getting the best results, with your hair integrity at heart! We work with a brand called ‘passion4hair’ who believe in cross pollination between other smaller brands and who only deal with the hairstylist. Their training is second to none. Awarded 5* good salon guide.

Wow that's sounds amazing and interesting as well. I always believe that good training is always setting stone for amazing career.

3) Where do you take your inspiration from? And how do you motivate your staff?

Jade - Inspiration comes from trips abroad all across the continent. This is where stylists can see the bigger picture of the industry I have grown to love. This also helps the stylist achieve their own personal travel goals and keeps them motivated.

That's fantastic. I was always dreaming about job that containing traveling abroad, meeting new people and discovering new cultures and ways of life....

4) Tell my readers what do you offer and your unique points if they choose visit one of your salons? Also would you like tell us how many salons do you have and where we can find them?

Jade - We currently have 2 locations: Sea view street Cleethorpes, Spa at Ye Olde Bell Bawtry. Vegan, cruelty free products, Excellent training, and Guaranteed results for your hair.

I think that your business concept is fantastic. With Veganism rising like never before offering cruelty free and vegan friendly services is way to go. Trained staff that understand hair structure and importantly understanding needs of your customers is just great way to run business.

5) Do you think that caring about our looks – hair in your case, got an impact on our Mental Health?

Jade - Yes I agree! Positive body imagine promotes positive Mental Health!

That is very true. In this world we constantly pressurised and judged by our looks. I think that sometimes just ordinary Blow Dry can change your attitude, lift self confidence and make you feel happy and content.

6) Did you achieve any awards during your career?

Jade - yes we have the good salon guide at 5* and master extension salon with ”beautyworks” and Beautyworks VIP salon.

That's fantastic. I believe that Awards are important part of the business. They are motivate your staff, bringing customers thru the door and give you inner satisfaction. Every Award just confirming yours and your team hard work and determination. Well done to you and all your team.

7) Running business can sometimes put you under extreme pressure. How do you deal with pressure like this?

Jade - Weekly massages, occasional bottle of wine.

Hahaha very short but straight forward answer. Massage to relax your body and wine relax your mind. I have to mention here, that can't wait to see you for our Staff Mindfulness @Spa sessions run by me in some point in the future and introduce you to total relaxation, recharging your energy and improve your wellbeing.

8) I know that you specialized in colour and hair extensions. Could you tell us what is the magic in colouring hair?

Jade - The way you can transform someone’s total imagine from changing one detail.

So true, sometimes you change only a detail that transform personality completely. From sophisticated to wild, from shy to shining and from sad to happy.

9) What make you satisfied at the end of the day?

Jade - Seeing our stylists progress onto bigger and better things.

I believe that shows you care about your stylists on your journey. I was told once that everything you learnt can not be taken away. Journey to success is not always easy, building confidence and knowledge can be painful but at the end there is always an achievement.

10) Did you have any celebrities visiting your salons? If yes could you give us gossip who was it?

Jade - Yes Charlie Mills and Lucy Fallon

Nice one, I hope that you will get many more thru your door.

11) I know that recently you took up a new challenge and open new salon Assisi at the Spa. Can you tell us a bit more about this adventure please?

Jade - I believe that for myself and my team to progress I needed to progress and grow myself to grow the team.

That sounds like a plan. Growing business is sigh of success and progression. You build your team all ready and I can see that you ready to expand your work family. I wish you only luck and great success.

12) What message would you like send to my readers?

Jade - You are never fully dressed without good hair.

Awesome and so true.

13) What are you plans for future? Do you thinking expanding more?

Jade - Yes, ultimately to a third location, TBC

Great!!! Until then good luck and only success from Jerry's Garden and from me personally.

That's it guys. Thank you very much to Jade Smith - Assisi hair director for valuable time she spend answering my questions and all the best to her and all Assisi family.

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Ok I will see you here next week for another blog. Take care and happy reading.