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Hello guys and welcome back.

I decided to do another Shout Out blog as it proof to be very popular. My last Shout Out was for Kiki Artz Studio, my friend who love painting. Today I would like to introduce you another friend who is amazing photographer and her name is Joanna. I met Joanna thru my best friend Petra few months before my wedding. We were looking for photographer for reasonable price. Joanna was in that point at starting point of her business as professional photographer and agree to be our wedding photographer. One think I would like to say is that Joanna got amazing sense to find beauty in most ugly places and she is very convectional and creative. You never get same pictures like somebody else just because Joanna is not lazy and doesn't have any routine and that only means one think amazing pictures. Off we go then meet Joanna....

1) What was the reason you choose photography as your hobby and protentional business?

Joanna: I started taking loads of photos when my daughter was born. I just kept my camera close not miss anything, every smile, every step, her games, mess she is making, everything ... then I went through some difficult time and I was looking for some distraction so I sort of start messing around more with the camera and settings and discovered that I actually enjoy taking photos. And that's how photography became my hobby. From more photos I been taking I wanted to know more how to be better at it. I started to look for courses and books, then I looked for inspiration on internet then I decided to take the next step and decided to learn how to edit photos. More and more people been complementing me how good my images look so I thought maybe I should try as a professional photographer.

Jerry: That's amazing, I have to say that your photos catch emotions and beauty of moment and your talent is exceptional.

2) What is going to thru your head while you taking pictures?

Joanna: When I take pictures I feel like a fish in a water. Everything just feel amazing. And it does not matter if its raining or if I have to get dirty. I just feel happy and I think because of that I am making the photoshoot fun. Through the lens I see people completely different, I see their emotion, I see their beauty. Its only me, the camera and the "model"...

Jerry: Wow sometimes I am amazed how people mind works, concentrating in present moment and see something that we would not pay attention in day by day life. It is just proof that life is precious and we all beautiful the way we are.

3) Would you like to explain me what is great about photographs and what you trying to capture.

Joanna: The powerful side of photography is that you can keep the image forever. I want to show on my pictures the true emotions. I believe we are all a masterpieces of God and I want to show each and every person how beautiful they are. If I am taking pictures of family I want them to look at the photos and think, that's us "family, unbreakable" I love to see emotions, happiness, joy, even tears. Just true emotions.

Jerry: So true, power of photographs is unbelievable keeping memories, boost our self-esteem and feel pretty at all the time. I don't know a person who doesn't have a smile on face when look at the pictures from past and memories come up.

4) Do you need any inspiration to take pictures, or you just randomly taking snaps and see if that photograph is good??

Joanna: My biggest inspiration are my children. I do a lot of research for ideas but sometimes I just grab a camera and it just come to me... I am creative person and I always try to find beauty even in the most ugly places.

Jerry: I can confirm that :) you are very adventurous with your photographs and I think that is what make your snaps just perfect. Sometimes I surprise myself when I take a picture and looking that same picture later, telling myself wow that's good one.

5) Its photography type of Art?

Joanna: I think photography is an Art. Everyone can take a photo but not everyone can get the true emotions form people and capture that. And editing is like adding the final touches to your painting.

Jerry: I agree with that, once you capture something amazing and can treasure that for rest of your life, look at it again and again and express your emotions that is magic of Art.

6) Do you use photography as escape from any Anxiety, Depression, Stress etc?

Joanna: Photography is my island of piece. So yes, you can say that it’s my escape from all the problems I'm struggling to deal with. It calming me down and bring joy. It’s like an injection of positive energy. After a photoshoot I feel like I can conquer the world.

Jerry: We all need to escape in some point our day by day worries, thoughts and wonders. I am glad that you using photography. Human mind is powerful tool.

7) What do you find magic about photographs you taking?

Joanna: Yes, I find magic in photography. I look at people and see how beautiful they are and I am telling them that. And the magic begins, they start smiling, opening to me and you can see that in photos that they feel special. I had few times when people said I love how I look there and they very really complement themselves in the pass.

Jerry: I have to tell you that I don't like taking photos of me just because I feel like I am not photogenic but when you took pictures at our wedding I love that photos and feel confident about them. Thank you again...

8) Do you do commissions photography? If yes could you describe what you can and can not photograph (like family portraits, weddings etc)

Joanna: Photography became my job. I offer very wide service including Family portraits, children, new-born, maternity photography. I do makeover/boost confidence photoshoots. I capture also the amazing moments like weddings, christening, first communion, birthdays. I help businesses/bloggers by taking phots of what they offering so they can use those phots on their websites.

Jerry: That's great I am sure I will be in touch ask you some pictures for my future blogs.

9) What obstacles did you find in your life that photography helped you to get over that obstacle?

Joanna: That's a difficult one. Life can be cruel to us and like probably everyone I went through all sorts of problems... Photography was my get a way to clear my head. It helped me to get more confidence and start to believe in myself.

Jerry: I see it boost your self-esteem, redirect you thoughts from negative to positive and brought you in to present moment. As you say earlier photography is therapy for you.

10) Is there any way how you could help people with anxiety and depression thru photography??

Joanna: I believe that photography has real powers!!! The makeover and boost confidence photoshoots are for people who lost themselves and want to feel "them " again. They want to feel special, unique in every positive way!! Who forgot how amazing they are.

Jerry: That's brilliant, boosting confidence and discover again our inner beauty its very important for people who suffer from depression and boosting confidence also could help people with Anxiety.

11) Do you have any exhibitions planned? If yes when and where? And who is your favourite Photograph and why?

Joanna: I have not planed any exhibition yet. Everyone is very welcome to check my work on my Facebook page Joanna's Touch Photography. I don't have just one photographer who I like... But I really admire Monika Serek… She started her business when I started looking in to it which is 6 years ago and from a lady who took manly photos of her children, now she is world know photographer!!

(This picture was downloaded from Google : All copy rights belong to Monika Serek.

Jerry: Definitely let us know if you got any exhibitions coming on. @monikaserekphotography #monikaserekphotography

12) What you don’t like to photograph?

Joanna: I don't think I came a cross of taking photos of something I didn't like.

Jerry: That is straight forward answer Thank you

13) Can I ask if you can explain to my readers why they should get in touch with you for photoshoots??

Joanna: Photography is my passion not only a business and the most important thing for me is making people happy! I look for interesting locations, cloths, props to make sure my photos are unique... Before the photoshoot I ask questions which helping me to create not only the look but also friendly atmosphere.

Jerry: That's great Joanna thank you for your time and thank you that you agree to be featured on my website. I wish you good luck in future and will be in touch soon.

Ok guys I hope that you enjoyed this blog as you enjoyed last Shout Out. As you can see from pictures above Joanna is very creative and up for challenge. For more pictures you can visit her Facebook Page Joanna's Touch :

You can get in touch via instant message. If you fancy photoshoot or you are photography enthusiast get in touch with Joanna and I am sure you will have a great time.

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Happy Reading, Gardening to you all Jerry.