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Joanna's Touch Shout Out - 13 questions Blog

Hello guys and welcome back.

I decided to do another Shout Out blog as it proof to be very popular. My last Shout Out was for Kiki Artz Studio, my friend who love painting. Today I would like to introduce you another friend who is amazing photographer and her name is Joanna. I met Joanna thru my best friend Petra few months before my wedding. We were looking for photographer for reasonable price. Joanna was in that point at starting point of her business as professional photographer and agree to be our wedding photographer. One think I would like to say is that Joanna got amazing sense to find beauty in most ugly places and she is very convectional and creative. You never get same pictures like somebody else just because Joanna is not lazy and doesn't have any routine and that only means one think amazing pictures. Off we go then meet Joanna....

1) What was the reason you choose photography as your hobby and protentional business?

Joanna: I started taking loads of photos when my daughter was born. I just kept my camera close not miss anything, every smile, every step, her games, mess she is making, everything ... then I went through some difficult time and I was looking for some distraction so I sort of start messing around more with the camera and settings and discovered that I actually enjoy taking photos. And that's how photography became my hobby. From more photos I been taking I wanted to know more how to be better at it. I started to look for courses and books, then I looked for inspiration on internet then I decided to take the next step and decided to learn how to edit photos. More and more people been complementing me how good my images look so I thought maybe I should try as a professional photographer.

Jerry: That's amazing, I have to say that your photos catch emotions and beauty of moment and your talent is exceptional.

2) What is going to thru your head while you taking pictures?

Joanna: When I take pictures I feel like a fish in a water. Everything just feel amazing. And it does not matter if its raining or if I have to get dirty. I just feel happy and I think because of that I am making the photoshoot fun. Through the lens I see people completely different, I see their emotion, I see their beauty. Its only me, the camera and the "model"...

Jerry: Wow sometimes I am amazed how people mind works, concentrating in present moment and see something that we would not pay attention in day by day life. It is just proof that life is precious and we all beautiful the way we are.