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Musician Sharon West Shout Out - 13 questions Blog

Hello guys and welcome back,

Your favourite Shout Out blog is back. This time I would like to introduce you to my dear friend from family tribe. This lady do music for many years and I am glad that I was introduced to her. She is my husbands cousin with big family and friends who love her very much. Music is powerful tool to tell story, express feelings, spread happiness and sometimes we all like music to get lost in our private world. Listen to music that make us happy, listen to music when we down and listen to music just to because we interested. I have to say that not all of us are gifted with singing voice and me specially, I am musically deaf, can not sing at all but that's why I admire any singers. Ok guys please meet Sharon...

1) Hi Sharon can you tell my readers a bit about yourself and what you doing??

Sharon - Hi Jerry, apart from being related to your lovely husband I have been a singer for a huge part of my life. I've sung in bands and duos for a long time but have more recently started to record my own material. I love song writing but really wish I'd done it years ago.

Jerry - Ohh yes family tribe :) I have to say that songs you recently release are amazing. I admire song writing just because it is very hard to do. You need another talent to do that apart from singing. And its never too late start new adventures.

2) When was the first time you find love in music? What was your first song you ever recorded?

Sharon - I have loved music for as long as I can remember. There was always music on in our house and I grew up with a real passion for it. The first song I ever recorded was Drive by the Cars which I did for hospital radio. I haven't really recorded a lot until the last couple of years when I got the writing bug and have been recording ever since.

Jerry - That's amazing and I have to say that you did right think. Share you passion and talent and inspire people, is never too late start new adventures as I said.

3) How hard is to build career in music in these days?? There is so many reality shows looking for pop idols, people with x-factor or just people with voice….