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Hello guys and welcome back,

Your favourite Shout Out blog is back. This time I would like to introduce you to my dear friend from family tribe. This lady do music for many years and I am glad that I was introduced to her. She is my husbands cousin with big family and friends who love her very much. Music is powerful tool to tell story, express feelings, spread happiness and sometimes we all like music to get lost in our private world. Listen to music that make us happy, listen to music when we down and listen to music just to because we interested. I have to say that not all of us are gifted with singing voice and me specially, I am musically deaf, can not sing at all but that's why I admire any singers. Ok guys please meet Sharon...

1) Hi Sharon can you tell my readers a bit about yourself and what you doing??

Sharon - Hi Jerry, apart from being related to your lovely husband I have been a singer for a huge part of my life. I've sung in bands and duos for a long time but have more recently started to record my own material. I love song writing but really wish I'd done it years ago.

Jerry - Ohh yes family tribe :) I have to say that songs you recently release are amazing. I admire song writing just because it is very hard to do. You need another talent to do that apart from singing. And its never too late start new adventures.

2) When was the first time you find love in music? What was your first song you ever recorded?

Sharon - I have loved music for as long as I can remember. There was always music on in our house and I grew up with a real passion for it. The first song I ever recorded was Drive by the Cars which I did for hospital radio. I haven't really recorded a lot until the last couple of years when I got the writing bug and have been recording ever since.

Jerry - That's amazing and I have to say that you did right think. Share you passion and talent and inspire people, is never too late start new adventures as I said.

3) How hard is to build career in music in these days?? There is so many reality shows looking for pop idols, people with x-factor or just people with voice….

Sharon - I think the music industry is hugely difficult to break into. It's a bit depressing to think that I'm considered past my prime when I've only really just started writing. I do a lot of self promotion as big commercial radio stations don't really entertain independent artists. I have managed to connect with a lot of smaller radio stations who have been wondered supporters of my music and even managed to get played on BBC Introducing which was great. However, getting on the big stations would mean getting signed and that's a huge piece or work in itself.

Jerry - I am a bit shock. Just feel like music industry cater for main stream listeners only, but if you looking for something different, unique and out of box you really have to dig deep and search for artists. I believe that get on the big stage or commercial radio you need employ army of people to get you sigh in to big labels. Its a bit sad that independent artist got road to success much difficult then the others.

4) What is your opinion on these sort of reality shows, can people sing or they just one trick pony?

Sharon - I think that there are some great singers on these shows but do think some are passed over because others offer more entertainment value. I do feel like the TV companies have a good idea of who they want the winners to be and although it's partly influenced by the public I don't think it's 100% their decision

Jerry - That's interesting opinion but 100% agree. I remember watching this programs just because there was somebody that can not sing or there sing is limited but with flashy costumes and huge production people just forgetting that this programs are singing competition not the production competition.

5) As you know my blog is mostly about anxiety and depression and I would like to ask if you got any experience with this illness??

Sharon - I have low points like the majority of people I suppose but did suffer with anxiety a year or so ago when work became very stressful and pressured. It's an awful feeling and I sympathise with anyone who is struggling with their mental health.

Jerry - Bless you, stress is dangerous feeling, excessive pressure, over thinking, tiredness and many more day by day tasks put us on the edge. Every person is different, some people can handle pressure well and some just crumble. From my personal experience I have to say that Mental Health issues are not nice but as modern medicine and many natural ways can help us to get over any obstacle in life.

6) Do you use music as escape from busy day by day life and do you enjoy just let go any worries or thoughts while you singing??

Sharon - Yes music is definitely a release for me. Writing is a great way to get your feelings out and sharing this with other people is very healing. I'm quite a spiritual person and think that's why music is something that affects my way of being.

Jerry - Wow that's powerful statement. Have to say that you are doing a great job.

7) Is your family from music background? If yes could you tell us a bit more??

Sharon - No not at all. My mum always sang around the house and my dad tried to lol but no there was no musical ability there. My daughter has a beautiful voice but does not feel confident enough to sing In front of anyone else. I'm married to a drummer as you know so have a lot of musicians in my friendship circle so I suppose they are my musical family.

Jerry - Ok, bless can not believe that you were born with this gift considering that your family wasn't really in music, entertainment or theatre background, but believe that your drummer husband and many musicians from your musician family encourage your talent and your love for music and song writing.

8) Did you ever thought use music as tool to help people in any way?

Sharon - I've written songs about people who've gone through difficult times and they say they can relate to what I've written which is great. I like to think that the songs I write connect with a lot of people and that they feel some positivity by listening to them.

Jerry - Bless, as I said before music is powerful tool filling the gaps in our day by day life and you all ready help people thru your gift. That's amazing think to do....

9) Tell us a bit more about your songs.. Where do you get inspiration, who writing your songs and music?? And who is your audience.

Sharon - I tend to write from experience or about the experiences of others. I think that's why a lot of people get them if you know what I mean. To be honest I think my audience is quite broad. I work with teenagers in my day job and they love my songs which is very flattering for me being on the wrong side of 40 lol. Equally though they're appreciated by so many people of different age groups and I'm very thankful for that.

Jerry - That's amazing, I think writing songs from your experiences and from other people experiences is great and many people can relate to them. I believe that we experience same as different emotions and going thru live with ups and downs make us relate to other people emotions. What is wrong with other side of 40?? Lol I am on wrong side of 21 xxx :) and have to say that if young audience love your song hardest job is done.

10) I know you released few singles can you tell us a bit about all of them? What they about, your journey to create these amazing singles…

Sharon - Breathe was my first single and that was about someone coming through a difficult breakup . I then released Blindsided which was about finding love where you would never expect it, it sort of related to how I met my husband. Then came One Night which was about a friends one night encounter after a relationship breakup and most recently Demons which was inspired by a person who was in a really controlling relationship and how she dealt with that. It's always the lyrics that come first for me and then the music comes after that. That's my process I suppose but I'm sure every songwriter has their own.

Jerry - I have to say that I love all of them and it is like listen to story telling not just listen to tune. You find your way and don't change it because your singles are amazing and can not wait for your album release. Hope you organize launch party before album is out. I can help you with that if you want :)

11) Do you have CD coming out any time soon?? If yes what is the date?? Where people can buy or listen your songs?

Sharon - I'm working on an album currently, which I have 5 completed songs for including the 4 I've released. I have another 4 which are a work in progress and I'm hoping the album will be completed by early next year.

Jerry - Amazing can not wait. I know that people can listen to your songs on Spotify or buy them on iTunes and other online music stores. Just want say to my readers have a go and stream or download this amazing songs.

12) Can we see you performing this Autumn season somewhere?? If yes where??

Sharon - I recently performed at a Pride event in Barnsley which was amazing and I plan to do a lot more performances next year. I'm hoping to tie them in with the album launch and maybe a tour of sorts. I'll have to keep you posted on dates etc.

Jerry - That would be amazing if you keep us updated I will definitely get tickets once they out. I know that Barnsley Pride event was great I was unfortunate to attend due to other engagement responsibilities but can not wait for your next performance. Next time maybe at Doncaster Pride... ;)

13) How music does make you feel? What is your dream for future??

Sharon - Music makes me feel positive and happy and is a real mood enhancer for me so I'll keep writing and keep up the happy vibes. I suppose my dream for the future is that I'll get some commercial AirPlay and earn enough from my music to pursue that full time. Ahh we can but dream can't we.

Jerry - I wish you only luck and many more great songs I think that you are on right path. I hope everything will work out for you. Guess what...… We dream just for one reason.... Make our dreams come true.... Thank you very much for your time answering my 13 questions and it was definitely pleasure.

Sharon - Thank you so much for the interview, it's been fab talking to you xxx

Ok guys that's Sharon West musician and song writer. Sharon was interviewed for few magazines and if you interesting and want to find out more please see links below.

You can contact Sharon West thru her website also read her blog if you interested in music or just give her idea where to perform.

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