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Pride and joy..

Hello guys and welcome back, thank you spending time read my blog and all subscription and your support is well appreciated. Today we back to gardening topic despite heat wave and extremely dry weather. I can only see reason for extreme weather due to global warming and other climate change. As you know I been on holiday and asked my father in law looking after my garden as he is keen gardener as well and also my next door neighbour was kind and water my garden while away. And I would like to thank both of them. Ok guys lets start... My pride and joy.....

I am starting with Ginger - As you remember from my previous blog when I planted ginger few weeks later and look.. Couple of shoots come out around half a meter tall in good health. Now I have to care for my pots almost for a year before harvesting freshly home gowned Ginger. Ginger is easy growing plant that likes moist, humid and hot weather. Once August pass I will move my pots back inside the house to protect plants from unexpected morning frost etc. Ginger doesn't like cool weather at all. How to plant ginger in to the pot see one of my planting blogs in few easy steps and you don't have to buy ginger ever again....

My next stop are Peppers... I am so happy from crop this year. I tried to grow Peppers last year but wasn't successful but this year I am having 5 healthy plants about half meter tall so far with 13 Peppers and more flowers appearing. This type of Pepper is (Long Red Marconi) long and when is ready dark ruby colour and sweet taste is present. Absolutely fabulous for summer salads, cooking or I just like eat Peppers raw straight from plant. I ordered seeds from eBay and got many left for next year. If you fancy Peppers seedlings next year let me know thru website. Don't know how to grow from seeds?? Visit my YouTube channel to have a look how to grow peppers from seeds as tip for next year season.

Next stop and one of the must grow - Tomatoes, is nothing more tastier then freshly harvested home grow Tomatoes full of flavour great for salads, cooking, preserving and also freezing. This variety is Moneymaker variety (Solanum lycopersicum) I grow this variety in pots and got 5 heathy plants with around 30 tomatoes hanging all over. I grow my tomatoes from seeds and they are now 1 meter tall heathy with no black mould or insects. I will be growing this variety also next year if you like seedlings let me know thru my website for more info. Ok lets move to another pride.

If you followed my advice and planted tubers Begonias you should start to be rewarded with beautiful flowers. I am not going to lie and have to admit that couple of tubers did not make it. I am not sure which colour because original packaging contained 3 different colours. I was a bit worried when I planted Begonias because it took a long time to be rewarded with foliage and I don't talk about flowers. What is true that I planted them late how ever they seen to be happy now in full bloom. I got 2 orange flower and another flower coming, but not sure what colour it will be as is too small at the moment. I think Begonias was my biggest worry after heat wave because Begonias like shady spot and can get easily sunburn in scorching weather. End of the day this tubers did not cost me fortune and for detail about price and how to plant them visit my blog for easy planting and price information. At this stage its too late plant Begonias tubers but I think everybody should give a try as Begonias are easy growing, low maintenance rich flowering flowers you can enjoy all the way till late autumn but once frost bite them that's it. You must dig up tubers, dry them and keep them dry till early spring. Ok next stop is....

Do you remember them?? There is full blog about Sunflowers. Great flower amazing for bees and highly decorative. I think everyone should have Sunflowers in the garden because they just brighten you mind and they are great to practice meditation. This variety is Mezzuliah F1, dwarf variety growing about 1 meter high with medium size flowers. I purchased seeds from Wilko for £ 2.50 for 20 seeds. You may think that is a bit pricey but each of that flower will produce seeds for harvest and you can have many more Sunflowers. I have to admit that I love them. Ok our last stop is....

Do you remember when I did experiment and just saw this beauty in to the pot and left it abandoned for couple of weeks... and look now... Black Eyed Susan Susie from my Amateur Gardening magazine. This seeds come free with your subscription worth £2.99 from Mr Fothergill's. It is half hardy perennial reaching up to 120cm. I like these delicate flowers. It is nice addiction to your shady corner, very low maintenance. This flower will reward you with delicate flowers all the way till October. Never grow this but definitely will again next year as I got one more packet left.

Ok guys Thank You for your time, please subscribe or share my blog and your amazing support is very appreciated. Next blog will be second part of Mindfulness is Amazing - Health Benefits. I hope you will enjoy this blog and don't get to jealous and hope you will share your garden pictures with me.

Don't forget to meditate, be present, stress free. Garden is amazing place to be if you feel Anxious of Depressed. Just enjoy to be surrounded by nature and enjoy your gardening success on daily basis.

Don't forget private Mindfulness sessions available now for bargain price from £4 per hour as I started to build my business. For more information visit my website, Facebook, or email me on j.zejman@gmail.com All you personal details are protected and never pass your details to third party.

You take care guys happy gardening, meditating and relaxing. Life is too short to be stress, sad and depressed. Take care guys.

Cau Cau Jerry.

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