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More life for Rosemary and Gooseberry

Hi guys welcome back, today is gardening blog day. We quickly approaching mid August and there is time for you to start thinking how you prepare your plants for winter. I got couple of hardy shrubs I need to re-potted. I think I leave it too long and both Rosemary and Gooseberry need new bigger pot. Now is great time to start re-potting any type of plants because they need time to establish them selves before winter. If you thinking re-pot plants in spring its ok but I am not doing that because you can easily stress plant and can end up with no fruit or flowers because plant is stressed and can drop all flower buds. This blog is part of my easy steps gardening section. Lets start...…

1) Choose bigger size of pot. I would recommend that you thinking ahead and choose size accommodate plant for next couple of years. I found my pot in B&Q it is 43 cm pot bell shape and colour I want it. It cost me almost £6. I was hunting for bargain but unfortunately B&Q was only shop I found what I was looking for and have to pay full price.

2) Then you just need standard Multipurpose compost. If you got your own compost just mix them 2 together. This bag is from B&Q as well 150 L. I am very happy with this brand because any pot filled with this compost producing beautiful flowers all season and also holding water that means less watering.