Aromatherapy & Mindfulness

Hello guys and welcome back. This blog is very exiting for me and I am exiting to share why. Few days ago I went to see my best friend for well overdue visit for our catch up. We had lovely dinner cracked bottle of gin for casual drink on school night and had a nice evening. In one point Petra introduced to me her rather exiting hobby of Herbalism and Essential Oils world. Immediately I was interested and decided to do a bit of research about Herbalism, Essential Oils and how Aromatherapy can help us with wide range of problems. Starting with physical as mental, visible and invisible, chronic or self-imposed. I was interested how to implemented Aromatherapy in to Mindfulness sessions for my work colleagues and very interested what benefits we receive from inhaling or applying herbal oils. I have to say that it is very important to do detailed research and use only high quality 100% natural herbal extracts. Majority people will benefit from herbal oils but every so often there is a risk that allergic reaction can occur. I would recommend that you perform patch test before start using herbal remedy.

1) Preparation - It is very important that you find 100% natural safe carrier oil. I was introduced to cold pressed Almond Oil. This oil is called ,,dry oil". Once you apply, this oil soak in to your skin without leaving any type of crease film on your skin. This oil is very popular easy to use with other ingredients that mixing very well in this oil. You never end up with essential oils floating on top just because some are lighter then other. Then you start selecting your herbal oils and once you complete your selection you mix all ingredients together. Pay special attention selecting your essential oils. Many people thing that this oils are only nice smelling drops using every so often using evaporating lamps. This essential oils got far more ways of usage.

2) Selecting Essential Oils - At the moment there is growing market of essential oils. From very common to very exotic and unusual. I would recommend that you do your own research, select symptoms you would like to treat or moods you would like to easing. I will list few my favourites here. But you can also find online starter kits usually contain 12 essential oils and 1 carrier oil. SESAME OIL - This oil prevent wrinkles, this oil is also natural sun screen, skin de-toxifier and promote Hair and scalp heath. GERMAN CHAMOMILE - It is natural hair moisturizer, Migraine reliever, joint pain reliever, cramping muscles reliever, Skin pores cleanser. BAY OIL - Sleeping help, Lifting up mood and easing depression, reducing flu symptoms.

This is only few from many more of essential oils available today. History of essential oils and herbs goes far back when Egyptians, Greek, Aztecs rule the world. For example Coriander Seed oil and Glove bud oil having rich history. Coriander and Glove were once very expensive and valuable herbs. Egyptian Pharaone payed 1 pound of gold for 1 pound of Coriander and many herbs were even more valuable in price for healing property using in Chinese and Japanese Medicine for example Ginger. many of these herbs are use today in 21st Century. Not as valuable like in old times but I just feel that powerful healing property were long forgotten. That is also reason for this Blog.

3) Mixing - it is very important choice of your essential oils and make sure that you can combine different herbs that compliment eachother. You can find many recipes online and there is plenty of books out there to help you explore this world. My friend Petra mixed for me Anti-wrinkle relaxing and calming oil. I can apply this directly on my skin, use it for bath, use it for aromatherapy or massage. Ingredients she used was Almond Oil, Patchouli Oil, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil. I choose this ingredients for reasons that Patchouli Oil help prevent wrinkles, help with oily skin. Geranium Oil - rejuvenating skin, relive aching muscles. Lavender Oil - Relive stress, rejuvenating skin, antibacterial properties and got relaxing property. I have to say that I felt benefits after couple of uses. Petra make me 20ml bottle that last me probably for entire month. I am using 5 - 7 drops for face and neck and 4 drops for hands. My skin improve extremely in case of oily skin I was suffering from.

How to use Aromatherapy with Mindfulness?? Before you start your daily meditation prepare your Essential Oils. You can use Aromatherapy lamp or apply diluted herbal oils directly on your skin. Both this methods work very well. Essential oils got amazing property entry our body via skin or thru nose. Effect is similar but applying on skin you will have lasting fragrance after meditating as well. Once you start you meditation enjoy present moment supported by calming, relaxing and pleasant smell. Fragrances help you to relax your body and open your mind and remind you that this is your time. Be present and non judgmental watching your thoughts come and go. I will prepare soothing, calming and relaxing mix of essential oils for my co-workers and hand them out next Mindfulness session. Reason why is that some people will find this as help to focus on present moment specially when they starting with Mindfulness. I hope they enjoy it. I am glad that Petra introduce me to Herbalism and essential oils world and I am very exiting to start making my own.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog. I will make another blog about my recipes and show you how to make your herbal remedies. I will be ordering my stock very soon and watch out for next blog folks. If you have any tips and tricks what to try or what not to try let me know. Until then happy reading and please share and like this blog if you enjoy it.

Take care Jerry